Football Manager 2012

PC, MAC / Sports / Release: Oct 21, 2011 / ESRB: E

Steam knocked offline on Sunday by power failure

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 13, 2012 7:00am PST

Steam was knocked offline for several hours on Sunday by a power failure at Valve's data center. The downtime forced some victims to resort to archaic forms of Sunday afternoon entertainment, such as strolling in the countryside and conversing with loved


Steam DRM declared a success by Football Manager 2012 dev

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 08, 2011 11:45am PST

Though many fans were upset when Football Manager 2012 became the first in the PC sim series to require Steam, developer Sports Interactive has credited the move with helping reduce piracy, seeing FM2012 cracked 15 days later than the games "usually" are.