Earthworm Jim

WII, DS, PC / Action / Release: Oct 27, 2008 / ESRB: U

Late Night Consoling

By Alec Matias, Jul 12, 2004 8:00pm PDT

Sony seemed to really spill the beans at their press conference today. The 16-person multiplayer mode of the PSP is pretty exciting; racing games...


"The link to Battlefield: Modern Combat really isn't a preview at all........ there's about 3 ..."

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Kingpin Sequel Planned

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 14, 2004 4:06pm PDT

Interplay, desperate for something that sells, today announced that a Kingpin sequel is in development according to this HomeLAN Fed story. You can...


Late Night Consoling

By jason bergman, Jun 18, 2002 8:30pm PDT

Here it latest (and hopefully final) LNC reformat tests (now with goofy console names!). Right now I'm a Belmont man. Please post your...


"Belmont! Or at least Opa Opa! Each item is so short you might as well read the whole thing if ..."

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Shiny Entertainment Sold

By Steve Gibson, Apr 25, 2002 10:04am PDT

Looks like Interplay found a buyer for Shiny Entertainment. This quick news brief on ZDNet reveals that Infogrames is buying Shiny Entertainment...


"How do you pronounce "Infogrames", anyway? Is it like a "telegram"? Did someone accidentally ..."

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Shiny for Sale

By jason bergman, Apr 15, 2002 7:24pm PDT

Got a few million to spare? According to this story at GameSpot, Interplay is selling Shiny, the creators of such games as Earthworm Jim,...


" Another one of those good ol' companies gets fucked up the bum. Not caring that much about ..."

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Late Night Consoling

By jason bergman, Nov 07, 2001 8:30pm PST

Hopefully the server move hasn't affected too many of sounds like it's going smoothly enough, although I seem to be having some problems...


GameBoy Advance GONE GOLD!

By Steve Gibson, Jun 11, 2001 10:07am PDT

Today is that golden day many gamers have been waiting for. The Nintendo GameBoy Advance system is official today and should be on retail shelves...


"Ordered mine from and just got it this morning. Hot damn this thing is sweet! I cant ..."

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Tommy Tallarico Interview

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 06, 2001 10:32am PDT

Gamespy Daily has conducted an interview with Tommy Tallarico. You might not've heard his name, but you have probably heard his sounds in games...


"You may know him from movies such as "The Revenge of Abe Lincoln" and "The Erotic Adventures of ..."

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Perry on Matrix Game

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 07, 2001 8:05pm PST

PS2.IGN has a couple of quotes from David Perry of Shiny Entertainment. Dave mentions what kind of work relationship they have with the Wachowski...


"Funny thing is, we turned down an offer to make a game based on the movie, before the movie's ..."

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