Castlevania Judgment

WII / Fighting / Release: Nov 18, 2008 / ESRB: T

Avatar: The Game PC Demo Arrives

By Chris Faylor, Nov 17, 2009 1:51pm PST

Now available on FileShack is a 1.56GB demo of Avatar: The Game PC, offering a playable glimpse of the wildlife slaughtering action in Ubisoft's...


"The thing keeps crashing on start up. I reinstalled it 3 times and finally gave up."

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Avatar Trailer: It's Not Easy Being Blue

By Chris Faylor, Nov 12, 2009 2:20pm PST

Rebelling against the corporation that brought you to the exotic world of Pandora has to be a tough call, especially when it involves a blue-skinned surrogate body. On the plus side, you get a bow and blades and a flying-dragon thing (and more) and get to


"The world and the environments look great, but why the neon blue skin? It looks like it's ..."

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Avatar: The Game Trailer Ignites the War

By Jeff Mattas, Nov 06, 2009 4:27pm PST

A new trailer for James Cameron's Avatar: The Game arrived today. It showcases the alien world of Pandora and its colorful, yet aggressive denizens, the Na'vi. Players face them as RDA Corporation Soldiers and giant armored mechs in fights ranging through


"Visuals don't look bad considering whatever's running it will have to render at twice the ..."

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Avatar Dev Diary 2: No Good Guys, No Bad Guys

By Nick Breckon, Oct 28, 2009 3:29pm PDT

Avatar: The Game doesn't have any bad guys, so apparently you spend the game knitting and/or in a lot of awkward conversations. You can also play Avatar: The Game as a trooper or as an Avatar. Of course, either way you're playing as an avatar.


"I dont get all the negative criticism. It looks cool enough... just hope the gameplay stands up."

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Avatar Dev Diary: We Have The Technology

By Nick Breckon, Sep 18, 2009 12:40pm PDT

Filmmaker James Cameron and Ubisoft developers talk asset sharing and other salacious details involved in the creation of Avatar: The Game in this first developer diary. Avatar arrives November 24 on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, PS


"So this planet is called Pandora... just as Borderland's iirc, that's kinda lame, no matter who ..."

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Avatar Screenshots: Helicopter vs. Dinosaur vs. Wii

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 20, 2009 3:19am PDT

The video game adaptation of James Cameron's movie Avatar has been visited by the Gamescom faery, receiving screenshots of both the Wii and proper...


Avatar Screenshots Realise James Cameron's Dream

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 01, 2009 9:45pm PDT

Ubisoft has lifted the satin sheet from James Cameron's Avatar: The Game, an action game with RPG elements based upon his long-time-coming film of...


"I hope this film doesn't turn out to be cheesy. If there's a kid in it that befriends some kind ..."

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Castlevania Judgement: The Six Minute Trailer

By Chris Faylor, Nov 17, 2008 4:10pm PST

This week sees the release of Castlevania Judgment (Wii), and to commemorate the series' transition from action-adventure to straight-up fighting,...


"Looks like a PS2 game meh... BUT DOES IT USE THE WII CHUCK? Oh well, I guess Wii owners are ..."

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Castlevania Judgment Screenshots: Werewolf!

By Chris Faylor, Nov 04, 2008 12:10pm PST

Ending its informative media blasts, publisher Konami has issued the "final character details" and new screenshots from its upcoming Wii fighter...


"It's not too bad when you think of it as Darkstalkers 3D with a healthy dose of Goth."

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Castlevania Judgment Screenshots: Busty

By Chris Faylor, Oct 28, 2008 9:51am PDT

With the November release of Castlevania Judgment looming, publisher Konami sent over another batch of screenshots and character descriptions from...


"Graphics look tight on this. Almost have a hard time believing it's a Wii game."

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Castlevania Judgment Screenshots: Eric vs. Death

By Blake Ellison, Oct 16, 2008 11:31am PDT

Konami has released ten new screenshots from Castlevania Judgment, the 3D fighting game set in the Castlevania universe. Today's shots feature...


"They need to just go ahead and have these characters wielding office buildings or entire ..."

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Do You Vant to See New Castlevania Screenshots?

By Nick Breckon, Sep 19, 2008 1:46pm PDT

Konami today released new screenshots of its upcoming Castlevania vehicles, Castlevania Judgment and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Left,...


"For that dumb fighter game? No i don't wanna see screenshots. If it was a Symphony of the Night ..."

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Whips and Young Girls: New Castlevania Judgment Trailer and Screenshots

By Chris Faylor, Aug 20, 2008 2:47pm PDT

Fulfilling the desires of many fans, the latest media from Konami's fighter Castlevania Judgment (Wii) features young series heroine Maria Renard...


"So wait is this a fighting game or is this the fighting component of the game I'm confused?"

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Castlevania Judgment Preview: Insert Suck Joke

By Aaron Linde, Jul 17, 2008 6:11pm PDT

I played Castlevania Judgment at E3 next to famed Konami producer Koji Igarashi. An awesome experience to say the least, but admittedly somewhat...


Konami E3 Screenshots Rock The Ef Out: Castlevania Wii, Castlevania DS, Rock Rev, More

By Chris Faylor, Jul 15, 2008 5:59pm PDT

Publisher Konami has issued a truckload of media to accompany today's E3 festivities. Included in the screenshot explosion are Castlevania Wii...