BloodRayne: Betrayal

PS3, XB360 / Action / Release: Sep 6, 2011 / ESRB: T

BloodRayne: Betrayal cutting onto Steam next week

By Ozzie Mejia, Apr 26, 2014 1:00pm PDT

Those looking for a BloodRayne revival got their wish with 2011's BloodRayne: Betrayal on Xbox 360 and PS3. Now the game is ready to slice its way onto Steam.


Dust 514 beta coming to PlayStation Plus

By Steve Watts, Aug 13, 2012 1:15pm PDT

PlayStation Plus is getting a Dust 514 beta, alongside other additions like Outland and BloodRayne Betrayal.


BloodRayne XBLA delayed to Oct; SF3 and Renegade Ops still on pace

By Xav de Matos, Aug 05, 2011 6:15pm PDT

Wondering whether or not Sony's upcoming PSN Play event will require timed-exclusivity much like Microsoft's XBLA promotions, Shacknews contacts the developers involved in each upcoming title.


Sony introduces annual 'PSN Play' promotion

By Steve Watts, Aug 05, 2011 10:30am PDT

Sony has announced its own annual downloadable promotion program, complete with a free game offer, discounts for Plus subscribers, and bonus content for each game in the set.


Daily Filter: August 3, 2011

By Tyler J. Smith, Aug 03, 2011 7:30pm PDT

Today's Filter features a multiplayer classes trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, a mission pack trailer for Red Faction Armageddon, a fan-made Team Fortress 2 inspired movie, a red band trailer for Rise of Nightmares, and much more!


BloodRayne: Betrayal release dates finalized

By Steve Watts, Jul 15, 2011 9:00am PDT

BloodRayne: Betrayal is coming to PlayStation 3 on August 30, and Xbox 360 on August 31, the publisher announced today. It will cost $15, and is being developed by WayForward.


BloodRayne: Betrayal coming in August

By Steve Watts, Jun 09, 2011 12:30pm PDT

BloodRayne: Betrayal is coming in early August for $15, according to a Majesco rep.


BloodRayne returning on PSN and XBLA

By Steve Watts, Mar 31, 2011 11:00am PDT

Majesco Entertainment announced BloodRayne: Betrayal today, a PSN/XBLA downloadable title set to launch this summer. It's being developed by retro-hip studio WayForward.