BattleBlock Theater

XB360, PC / Platform / Release: Apr 3, 2013 / ESRB: RP-T+

Battleblock Theater releases on PC & Linux on May 15

By Andrew Yoon, May 02, 2014 7:30am PDT

After a beta test on PC two months ago, the studio has announced the Steam version will be available to purchase on May 15th.


BattleBlock Theater coming to PC, beta starts this month

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 04, 2014 9:00am PST

The Behemoth's long-awaited follow-up to Castle Crashers was BattleBlock Theater--and it's finally coming to PC.


Rumor: Killing Floor 2, Batman Blackgate HD outed by Steam

By Steve Watts, Jan 08, 2014 12:45pm PST

An apparent Steam database leak seems to have outed several games: Killing Floor 2, Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate HD, BattleBlock Theater, Happy Wars, and Half-Minute Hero Two.


BattleBlock Theater review: battles blocked

By Steve Watts, Apr 11, 2013 1:00pm PDT

After five years, The Behemoth has finally followed up Castle Crashers with a new console game. How does BattleBlock Theater stand up to that much anticipation?


BattleBlock Theater hits, brawls on April 3

By Steve Watts, Mar 19, 2013 11:05am PDT

BattleBlock Theater will hit XBLA on April 3 for $15, The Behemoth announced today.


BattleBlock Theater opening this spring

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 27, 2013 8:15am PST

Behemoth's BattleBlock Theater Delayed; Will Not Release in 2010", we wrote 25 months ago. Quite! Having massively expanded its puzzle/battle platformer, the creator of Castle Crashers finally confident enough to toss out a firm Xbox Live Arcade release window: spring 2013....


Battleblock Theater closed beta begins February 28

By Steve Watts, Feb 15, 2013 2:15pm PST

BattleBlock Theater will be starting its closed beta on February 28, The Behemoth has announced.


Battleblock Theater beta applications open

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 16, 2013 3:45pm PST

It's been yonks since The Behemoth has released a game. However, you'll soon be able to get your hands on their next XBLA game, Battleblock Theater. You just have to jump through a lot of hoops first.


BattleBlock Theater packs level editor

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 03, 2012 7:05am PDT

There's surely little finer in life than decking your mates in a deadly arena of your own design, and BattleBlock Theater can make your dreams a reality. The Xbox Live Arcade fighty platformer will come complete with a level editor, developer The Behemoth announced during PA...


Behemoth highlights Battleblog Theater prisoners

By Steve Watts, Dec 28, 2011 5:00pm PST

The Behemoth highlights the prisoners of Battleblock Theater with a series of videos.


Behemoth's BattleBlock Theater Delayed; Will Not Release in 2010

By Brian Leahy, Nov 17, 2010 4:20pm PST

BattleBlock Theater, the third game from The Behemoth (Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid), has been delayed and pushed right out of 2010 as the game "is becoming so much more than we ever expected."


"That looks fucking awesome. Somewhere between Bomberman and Mario."

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Castle Crashers Dev Christens New Game 'BattleBlock Theater,' Dashes Charming Trailer Across Prow

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 02, 2010 5:53am PST

The Behemoth's project previously known only as 'Game 3' will be named BattleBlock Theater and hit Xbox Live Arcade, the Castle Crashers developer has announced. "Friendship, betrayal, and a w


"Uhh... what does the Theater have to do with what I just saw? I don't get it."

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Castle Crashers Developer Reveals New Game

By Chris Faylor, Mar 17, 2009 9:03am PDT

Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth has issued the first trailer for its as-yet-untitled third project, a side-scrolling...


"So this is... a platformer, adventure, fighting... game? So... kind of like Smash Bros, but with ..."

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Castle Crashers Dev Reveals First Teaser Image of New Game

By Nick Breckon, Mar 09, 2009 6:44pm PDT

The Behemoth, developer of the XBLA hit Castle Crashers, today released the first image related to its upcoming third game. The art (pictured...


"They need to give birth to a Castle Crasher, Diablo 2 hybrid."

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