Arma 3

PC / Action / Release: Sep 12, 2013 / ESRB: RP

  • I agree with the previous thread about the realism. But I, myself am an aspiring game designer and know that there is only so much that you can put into a game before its starts taking away from it. From what i saw from the E3 show case, the environment is beautiful, the ragdoll effects on the body are amazing and the ability to customize your weapons in the field is an absolute plus. What i would like to see in the multi-player, if it has not already been done, is that roles can be given to your team mates. Like i.e helicopter pilot, tank crewman, medic etc. And a list of jobs that the player can perfom on the battlefield to assist his/her team mates will gain them points. Such as, the CO has given me the task of Helicopter pilot of a UH-64 Blackhawk and it is the commanders intent that we perfom an air assault on a particular objective. Well i take the team and transport them safely to the LZ and they unload, i would get a set number of points for doing that after i return to base or after the action is completed, that way i can still feel as though i am accomplishing something and get rewarded for my efforts. And if i am a medic, i can heal someone and get points or if i am infantryman and i carry a wounded soldier out of the line of fire and onto a medivac bird then i can be given points as well. Maybe institute an achievment system on things such as that. I would love to work for Bohemia one day as you produce the kind of games that i want to produce. I have many more ideas that may be able to fit into a new Combat simulator or perhaps into an ArmA IV. I would like to hear from the design staff if you are interested in hearing my ideas. Thank you.

  • ARMA developers:
    Can you PLEASE overlook arma 2 & OA at two things:

    !player movement & environment collision (in regards to field and built up environments)
    i cant stand CQB due to this and yes i do understand it is a milsim, but players should have more features open. like to huddle on a wall, crouch behind sandbags, interaction with objects.
    player movement should be increased and shouldnt be so patchy, we can obviously move around peep around quicker and easier than having to press q (e.g) and waiting for about 1/2 seconds before were able to fire at contact because we had to:
    1. run to wall
    2. stop at wall
    4.lean out
    there is just no interaction, it takes 4 seconds to run to wall (given 8m away)
    you got to stop, THEN press C to crouch, waiting for the delay between pressing c and crouching adds
    4. then after all that you must then lean out, its like a player can only perform one movement , like a robot.

    2. embark/disembark actions/interactions
    it would be ten times more gripping and realistic if you was able to run into a chinook , not have to scroll and select option to be teleported in. and once your in you can pick to crouch down, lie down etc within chinook (chinook is an example). for other helicopters like blackhawks, you simply get on as usual, but you choose a seat and are ported on (Atleast) when youre already on the bh)
    for cars, actions like opening the actual door then exiting instead of being ported out would help).
    boats? same goes.

    (additional request: can you make it more realistic with hitshots and the victims body reaction to the
    -headshot (head flys back to hit ground first before body if shooting head on from running)
    (person is propelled to the side with the upper body hitting the floor first)
    leg shot- the shot leg gets flung back and the person drops down forward in a twisting motion, holding leg)

    please show support for this comment to show its importance