Aliens: Colonial Marines

PC, XB360, PS3, DS, WIIU / Action / Release: Feb 12, 2013 / ESRB: M

Duke Nukem Forever the victim of high expectations, says Gearbox

By Steve Watts, Mar 29, 2012 11:15am PDT

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford talks about how years of anticipation set expectations too high for Duke Nukem Forever, but he's still proud of putting out the product.


Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer stays frosty

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 30, 2012 6:45am PST

Oh, cinematic trailers! So pretty; so unrepresentative! Still, if you've got a minute or two to fill this morning, stop your grinnin' and drop your linen to enjoy the snazzy new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines.


Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed; fall 2012 release targeted

By Xav de Matos, Jan 26, 2012 2:45pm PST

Aliens: Colonial Marines has been pushed to a fall 2012 release window, according to publisher Sega.


Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition leaked

By Steve Watts, Jan 09, 2012 6:45pm PST

A seemingly leaked image of the collector's edition for Aliens: Colonial Marines teases weapons, an extra mode, and a resin model.


Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay video walkthrough

By Andrew Yoon, Sep 30, 2011 2:30pm PDT

This presentation of Aliens: Colonial Marines was previously exclusive for the eyes of E3 attendees, but now you'll be able to see what the game looks like for yourself.


Aliens: Colonial Marines debut trailer leaks

By Steve Watts, Aug 23, 2011 11:00am PDT

The debut trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines has hit the Web, showing off a first glimpse of the game in action.


Daily Filter: August 17, 2011

By Tyler J. Smith, Aug 17, 2011 6:45pm PDT

Strap yourself in! It's Gamescom 2011; we have a ton of new videos and screenshots for you to enjoy. Be warned, you might be here for longer than usual.


Aliens: Infestation revealed as DS side-scroller

By Steve Watts, Jul 15, 2011 3:00pm PDT

Aliens: Infestation details have been spilled by the ESRB, including its T-rated content and an interesting connection to developer WayForward.


E3 2011: Aliens Colonial Marines

By Xav de Matos, Jun 13, 2011 5:15pm PDT

Aliens: Colonial Marines takes the series back to LV-426 to tell the story of what happened after the events of Alien 3--after Ripley's jail-planet battle was won and the dust had settled at Hadley's Hope.


Aliens: Colonial Marines due spring 2012

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 01, 2011 8:45am PDT

Gearbox's co-op shooter inspired by the revered sci-fi action movie Aliens dropped off the radar for a while, but it's now back in the spotlight with a new trailer, details, and launch window.


Aliens: Colonial Marines Teased at PAX 2010

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 06, 2010 11:00am PDT

Though Gearbox was unsurprisingly focused on the news that it's helming Duke Nukem Forever and now owns the Duke property, at PAX the Borderlands...


"The latest AvP game was terrible. This looks much more promising. Thankfully, without ..."

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Release Date Dependent on Aliens vs. Predator Sales, Says Sega

By Nick Breckon, Aug 24, 2009 3:02pm PDT

Sega now says that Gearbox's delayed Aliens shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines may ship earlier or later depending on the success of Rebellion's...


"dammit sega, now you've put me in a position where i'm going to buy AVP simply so theres more ..."

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Aliens RPG Still Alive, Colonial Marines Headed to DS

By Chris Faylor, Jun 15, 2009 2:44pm PDT

Though Obsidian's Aliens RPG was thought to be cancelled, Sega has confirmed that it still plans to release the title along with its other two...


"I cannot wait to play these games. It has been too long since I've visited the Aliens universe. ..."

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Seemingly Alive as Developer Gearbox Begins Hiring on 'All Projects'

By Chris Faylor, Apr 30, 2009 3:55pm PDT

Following the latest batch of rumors that Aliens: Colonial Marines was in trouble, developer Gearbox Software has indicated that it's still...


"Heck, I am SOOOOO waiting for the aliens title... if its half as cool as I picture it in my mind ..."

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Rumor: Sega Cancels Obisidian's Aliens RPG, 'Reviewing' Aliens: Colonial Marines (Updated)

By Chris Faylor, Feb 12, 2009 9:31am PST

Update: On top of the previous report, Joystiq's sources claim Sega has stopped funding both the Aliens RPG and Aliens: Colonial Marines....


"as i said couple months ago this is gonna styruggle, as wil any other not guaranteed money ..."

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