Aliens: Colonial Marines

PC, XB360, PS3, DS, WIIU / Action / Release: Feb 12, 2013 / ESRB: M

Aliens: Colonial Marines 'Stasis Interrupted' DLC tells the story of Hicks, out now

By Andrew Yoon, Jul 23, 2013 11:15am PDT

If, for some reason, you need to play more Aliens: Colonial Marines, today is your lucky day. The last bit of DLC for the game is out today.


Aliens: Colonial Marines 'Stasis Interrupted' DLC spotted

By Steve Watts, Jul 08, 2013 9:00am PDT

Aliens: Colonial Marines appears to be getting a single-player DLC pack, called "Stasis Interrupted."


Aliens: Colonial Marines sold 1.31 million units, Sega reports

By John Keefer, May 10, 2013 7:45am PDT

Aliens: Colonial Marines has been through the wringer for a variety of reasons, but despite all the bad publicity, the game sold 1.31 million units since it released on February 12, according to Sega's year-end financials.


Lawsuit alleges Aliens: Colonial Marines false advertising

By Steve Watts, May 01, 2013 7:30am PDT

Aliens: Colonial Marines is under scrutiny again, this time in a lawsuit alleging that Sega and Gearbox misled customers by claiming "actual gameplay demonstrations" in demos that weren't representative of the final product.


Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U canceled

By Andrew Yoon, Apr 05, 2013 10:50am PDT

Gearbox's critically-panned Aliens: Colonial Marines will no longer see release on Wii U. A port for Nintendo's HD console was originally supposed to release in March, but Sega has finally confirmed that it is no longer happening.


Report: Sega acknowledges misleading Aliens: Colonial Marines ads

By Steve Watts, Apr 03, 2013 9:00am PDT

Following lodged complaints, Europe's Advertising Standards Authority contacted Sega regarding misleading Aliens: Colonial Marines ads. In response, Sega acknowledged that the trailers didn't depict the game accurately, and agreed to add a disclaimer.


Aliens: Colonial Marines get 4GB patch with 'visual improvements'

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 18, 2013 3:10pm PDT

The PC version of critically-panned disasterpiece Aliens: Colonial Marines has received a hefty 3.8GB update today, promising to address many of the critical flaws noted in the game's original release.


Layoffs at Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developer TimeGate

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 05, 2013 6:00am PST

An unconfirmed number of people have been laid off by TimeGate Studios, creator of the FPS series Section 8 and, most recently, co-developer of Gearbox's ill-fated Aliens: Colonial Marines. Officially it's part of TimeGate's preparations for "the transition to next-generatio...


Aliens: Colonial Marines single-player review: contemptuous cash-in

By Timothy J. Seppala, Feb 19, 2013 11:00am PST

Aliens: Colonial Marines has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. That pretty much says it all.


Weekend Confirmed 152 - Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ni No Kuni, Fire Emblem: Awakening

By Jeff Mattas, Feb 15, 2013 11:00am PST

Weekend Confirmed is back for another round of gaming gab. Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata welcome Nikole Zivalich and Ariel Angelotti to the studio, and they chat about Fire Emblem, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ni No Kuni, and more!


Aliens: Colonial Marines mods add DirectX 10 features, lighting effects

By Steve Watts, Feb 15, 2013 9:30am PST

Aliens: Colonial Marines has already gotten a few PC mods that attempt to make the game prettier to look at.


Aliens: Colonial Marines: how too many cooks may have ruined the game

By John Keefer, Feb 14, 2013 1:30pm PST

By all accounts, Aliens: Colonial Marines is a mess. Even after two delays, the game had a lot of issues that not even a huge day-one patch could fix. The game looked promising early on, so how did it end up so bad?


Aliens: Colonial Marines day-one patch detailed

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 13, 2013 5:00pm PST

If your gripes with Aliens: Colonial Marines revolve chiefly around its doors, you'll love the day-one patches! Gearbox has detailed exactly was in those updates dropped on launch day: performance improvements; a lot of love for doors; and other assorted bug fixes. You'll wa...


Aliens: Colonial Marines 'Bug Hunt' DLC spotted at retail

By Steve Watts, Feb 07, 2013 4:30pm PST

A retail ad appears to list a "Bug Hunt" DLC mode for Aliens: Colonial Marines. The ad claims it will hit on March 19 for $14.99.


Aliens: Colonial Marines PC getting season pass for four DLC packs

By Steve Watts, Jan 31, 2013 8:30am PST

Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting a downloadable content season pass, at least on PC, according to a retail listing. Its season will consist of four packs that add campaign and multiplayer content.