Alice: Madness Returns

PC, XB360, PS3 / Action / Release: Jun 14, 2011 / ESRB: M

American McGee cancels OZombie to pursue Alice film rights

By John Keefer, Jul 15, 2013 3:30pm PDT

American McGee has abandoned the attempt to crowdfund his warped vision of the land of Oz in favor of another Kickstarter project to secure the film rights to his Alice franchise. Kickstarter rules say only one project can be active at a time.


American McGee gauging interest in crowdfunding Alice 3

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 14, 2013 10:30am PDT

American McGee has seemed quite content frolicking in the land of free-to-play and social games with the likes of Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and BigHead Bash, but one can't resist the call of teapots and pretty dresses for long. The Spicy Horse head is mooting the idea of Kicks...


Alice: Madness Returns review

By Andrew Yoon, Jul 30, 2011 8:00am PDT

Madness Returns doesn't stray far from its predecessor, beckoning Alice and the player to return to not only the world of Wonderland, but to the era of 32-bit gaming as well.


EA building Origin 'exclusives' [Update: didn't pull Crysis 2 from Steam]

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 15, 2011 9:45am PDT

EA plans to have more games exclusive to its own recently-relaunched digital distribution store Origin. It was initially thought that EA pulled Crysis 2 from Steam as part of this plan, but that's since been denied.


Alice: Madness Returns iOS interactive comic tells the tale between games

By Xav de Matos, May 20, 2011 6:00pm PDT

A new, free iOS application bridges the gap between American McGee's Alice from October 2000 and the upcoming sequel Alice: Madness Returns in interactive story form. Did we mention it was free?


Alice: Madness Returns preview

By Jeff Mattas, May 13, 2011 12:00pm PDT

We get our hands on Alice: Madness Returns to preview the game's first chapter.


Alice: Madness Returns includes free American McGee's Alice

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 18, 2011 9:30am PDT

The original American McGee's Alice is coming to consoles, with a download code include free in sequel Alice: Madness Returns.


Alice: Madness Returns Preview

By Garnett Lee, Mar 08, 2011 9:15am PST

In early 2009 Electronic Arts announced a deal with game designer American McGee to create a second game set in his dark, twisted adaptation of...


Alice: Madness Returns trailer goes in-game

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 07, 2011 11:30am PST

After a string of Alice: Madness Returns cinematic teasers, the first in-game trailer for American McGee's June-due sequel has arrived.


Alice: Madness Returns Trailer Goes from Calm to Crazy in Record Time

By Xav de Matos, Feb 16, 2011 7:00am PST

In a new trailer released yesterday for the upcoming successor to American McGee's Alice, we're taken through a whirlwind tour of Wonderland. From a calm and serene trek through a colorful va


"well the trailer was wierd but have to see what the gameplay looks like. I liked the original ..."

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Alice's Madness Returns with a new Trailer, Screens from TGS 2010

By Xav de Matos, Sep 15, 2010 8:00am PDT

During EA's early morning TGS 2010 media briefing, the publisher featured a new CG trailer and screens for Alice: Madness Returns, the sequel to the 2000 PC and Mac cult-classic.


"2011 will be the year I start gaming again. Thanks to this and DNF."

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Alice: Madness Returns Officially Unveiled

By Xav de Matos, Jul 20, 2010 3:30pm PDT

During the EA Studio Showcase, famed-developer American McGee took the stage to offic


"Pretty sure bet the sequel won't be as long as the original. Most games aren't anymore. As much ..."

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