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Happy Mother's day to all the moms!


Shout out to all the Shack-Moms out there!

I wouldn't be where I am today without my Mom and Dad. But Mother's day is coming up so I'll be talking about my mom. Without my parents, there wouldn't have been an Atari in the house and there wouldn't have been a regular NES in the house. We used to play Super Mario together all the time so I owe my love of video games to my mom and dad.

When someone in your family will do something special for you, then it usually leaves a lasting memory. My Mom drove my brother and I to a Pokemon trading card mall event in Long Island, which was quite a drive for us, so we could play Pokemon. The weather was nasty, but I did come in 2nd and won a ton of Pokemon cards. There was another time when the Super Trainer Showdown, a large Pokemon TCG event, was held and again my mom drove my brother and I to the event. I didn't do as well in that tourney but it was still fun.

Another memory I have with my mom was waiting overnight at Toys R Us a few times for classic Nintendo systems, like the Game Cube and Wii. It would have been nice if these systems released in the warm months of the year but one year there was a meteor shower going on. It's weird what you remember over the course of your life, isn't it.

Moms do things for you to help make you happy. Again, to all the moms out there, Happy Mother's Day!

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