The skankcore64 Completed Games Master List

The skankcore64 Completed Games Master List

This is a living document that will chronicle each game completed on skankcore64 with a short description and an embedded video for the beginning of every title.


Now that skankcore64 is coming along and there are over a dozen titles completed with more credits rolling all the time, I thought it would be prudent to start a living document that can be updated with each finished game. Thanks to ThomW for the idea to create a Cortex post with a running list of the games that have been conquered so far. This will also give me a resource to point to when viewers are curious as to exactly which games have already been played and provide a gateway to view the beginning of each game.

I will update this list whenever another game falls to the ongoing project that you can watch live on Shacknews Twitch, every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon around 2:30 p.m. PT / 5:30 p.m. ET.

skankcore64 Completed Games Master List

1. F-Zero X

Perhaps the best racing game ever made. Pure distilled speed. I had to start the project with this game, there was no other choice.

2. Star Fox 64

Another 10/10 game. The perfect melding of arcade and console game design. This game doesn't feel like a struggling transition to 3D, largely due to the original game being one of the forebearers of polygons in the living room.

3. Quest 64

Fuck this game.

4. Jeopardy 64

A perfectly capable version of Jeopardy at home, with the added bonus of easy three person multiplayer. Rest in peace, Alex Trebek.

5. NHL Breakaway 99

The first sports sim I've ever put real time into and the first time I've completed a full season and playoffs in one. It got fairly mediocre reviews but I found the fun in this game.

6. Blast Corps

A very fun game until it's not fun anymore. The wildest damned idea that could only make perfect sense in a video game.

7. Mischief Makers

I can't even begin to explain this one. It's definitely a Treasure game, for better or for worse, depending on how you get along with their style.

8. Bomberman 64

What a gem of a game. Another franchise that transitioned to 3D almost seamlessly. Made more fun by the Gold Card Charity Challenge set by Sam Chandler.

9. Superman: The New Superman Adventures

Also fuck this game.

10. Duke Nukem 64

There are good PC FPS ports to the Nintendo 64 and then there's Duke Nukem 64. That's about the best praise I can give it.

11. Snowboard Kids

Another game that is extremely fun until it isn't. I can easily see how this would be amazing with friends. The soundtrack is phenomenal.

12. Xena: Warrior Princess: The Talisman of Fate

A very competent Soul Calibur-style fighter. I had fun with this one and I think it deserves a look from anyone that likes 3D weapons-based brawlers.

13. The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction

A completely incompetent Power Stone-style fighter. Absolutely avoid at all costs except for the most diehard of Powerpuff Girls fans.

14. Fighters Destiny

Another surprisingly well-done fighting game on the Nintendo 64. A little similar to Virtua Fighter or Tekken but with enough new mechanics to make this one feel fresh.

15. Mission: Impossible

A super ambitious movie tie-in that gets overshadowed by the other big movie tie-in game for the N64. An overall fun time that is slightly hampered by old-school game design and poor control.

16. Quake 64

Quake 64 lined up nicely with the Shacknews 25th anniversary. This is a excellent port of the PC original with some nice enhancements like colored lighting, underwater vision distortion, fully customizable controls and a rock solid frame rate.

17. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

From one classic FPS to another, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was somewhat fun as a follow-up to Quake. I grew pretty tired of the constant jump puzzles and first-person platforming but the moment-to-moment action was fairly fantastic.

18. Beetle Adventure Racing

The greatest car commercial/marketing stunt/pop-culture cash grab ever made. This game from the same development team that brought us Pilotwings 64 had no right being so good. The shortcuts, the insane jumps, the wild track design; they all culminated in an incredibly fun arcade racer.

19. Perfect Dark

From some of the team that brought us Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark takes all the lessons learned in Rare's breakout first-person shooter and expands on them in every way. More levels, more weapons, more polygons, and less frames-per-second!

20. Killer Instinct Gold

The Rareware first playthroughs continue! Taking a break from all the pew-pew, the pre-rendered graphics of Killer Instinct took Rare's signature mid-90s style to a new level. And that soundtrack, Killer Cuts indeed.

21. Mace: The Dark Age

As requested by JohnnyChugs, this Midway-published title tries so hard to be a competent fighting game and it comes so close! I struggled with this one and made some questionable choices to finish it for good. I regret nothing.

22. Paper Mario

Intelligent Systems delivers an incredible spiritual successor to Super Mario RPG while establishing a beloved franchise. A masterpiece.

23. Pilotwings 64

The other Nintendo 64 launch title. If you couldn't get Super Mario 64 with your launch console then you had to walk away with this charming showcase of early 3D tech.

24. Tetrisphere

This is one weird game with Tetris in its name. It takes a while to click, but once it does, the drum'n'bass grooves compliment this puzzling drop'n'block shuffler.

25. Resident Evil 2

One of the first text-book examples of what could be considered a miracle port. The PlayStation exclusive nobody saw coming to a cartridge-based system and it delivers just as many scares.

26. NFL Quarterback Club 99

The next sports simulation title to fall to skankcore64. It's a serviceable football game with little to excite the senses.

27. Banjo-Kazooie

Another incredibly ambitious title from Rare that takes an established genre to the next level. The 'collect-a-thon' which all other 3D platformers would be measured against, even to this day.

This concludes the running list of completed games on skankcore64. This document will be updated as each title is finished live on Shacknews Twitch.

From The Chatty
  • reply
    April 18, 2021 9:29 AM

    "How many games have you finished?" "Have you played such and such game yet?" The answers to any and all skankcore64 questions can be found in this living document that will chronicle each game completed.

    Read more: The skankcore64 Completed Games Master List

    • reply
      April 18, 2021 9:40 AM

      I quit tracking my completed games a few years ago after obsessively cataloging them for over a decade. I might go back and fill in all of the blanks one of these days, but it was a bit demoralizing when real life got in the way of gaming and I saw my yearly numbers plummet to under 20 games a year after averaging over 50/year for 11 or 12 years (highest was >80 in one year) :(

      Your list reminds me that I totally want to play through Mission Impossible on N64 one of these days. It's been in my backlog since back when it came out and got some good word of mouth :(

      • reply
        April 18, 2021 9:55 AM

        If I even play four different games in a year I’m doing well these days. Being a dad and other adult responsibilities puts a major damper on game time.

        • reply
          April 18, 2021 11:18 AM

          Yea, a bulk of my gaming is on my ghetto laptop while traveling, though when I'm home I try to dedicate some time to the C64 and A500. Generally I'll stick with the C64 (because I like the modern library more and I can play carts on it).

      • reply
        April 18, 2021 10:00 AM

        As someone who rarely finished a game in the past 10 years or so, this project has been kind of nice in that it’s forcing me to experience games in their entirety again.

        When I think about finishing just 15 games so far, I wonder, have I finished 15 games on ANY system? If I count the PC over my entire lifespan and probably the NES. Maybe on the GameCube as well, but I’m not sure.

        Mission: Impossible was fun enough to recommend. I like the open ended adventure feel to some of the missions, the game lets you fail in multiple ways that wouldn’t even be considered now in game design.

      • reply
        April 18, 2021 11:52 AM

        I hate you. You got me started on Resident Evil and I have yet to finish it (on gamecube) and it wasn't even on my radar. Then you abandoned it too.
        I dont hae you

        • reply
          April 18, 2021 12:35 PM

          oh I didn't abandon it! I totally played all the way through Resident Evil on the Saturn.

          • reply
            April 18, 2021 12:39 PM

            Well I finished it on PSX but the 90s don't count in this discussion.

            • reply
              April 18, 2021 12:41 PM

              Whatchu talkin' 'bout, willis? The month we were playing Resident Evil, I totally said I was going to be playing through the Saturn version since I'd never played that version before :(

              • reply
                April 18, 2021 12:47 PM

                oh. Well the cave girl killed me every time I went back to the game. I don't have any ink ribbons so it's always a bit of game before I get to her. Now I have to go back. Thanks a lot roushi.

    • reply
      April 18, 2021 11:51 AM

      Nice. :)

    • reply
      April 18, 2021 3:55 PM


      • reply
        April 18, 2021 4:56 PM

        It’s beautiful!!! Thank you again for holding onto it for me, I got a starter for my truck, hopefully she’ll be up and running for a nice summer road trip :)

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