The music of Mega Man 10

I recently played Mega Man 10 on stream. Music was pretty good.



I recently played Mega Man 10 on the Stevetendo show and the music was pretty good. However, there were some parts of the game that got on my nerves a little. The main feature was that again, like in Mega Man 9, Mega Man can't slide under things. Most of the enemies/boss fights can have most of their attacks dodged with being able to slide. That being said, Mega Man 10 has a great soundtrack and I'm a sucker for good video game music.

Here are some of my favs from Mega Man 10:

Share some of your favorite Mega Man music as we're nearing the end of the original games to play on Stevetendo. Next up is Mega Man 11, one of my least favorite MM games.


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