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Why is building factory lines so addicting?

Why is building factory lines so addicting?

One could say it is very... Satisfactory, I suppose. heh.

Joshua Hawkins

So, a few weeks ago, I finally decided to pick up Satisfactory again. It’s one I’d been meaning to dump a lot of time into, but had never managed to square enough free time away to do so. “Well,” I told myself, “that shit is about to change.” And so it did.

I managed to sucker one of my friends into playing along with me—what can I say, misery loves company—and soon we found ourselves hacking away at building new factory lines and working towards filling out new goals in the HUB. It was a hell of a good time, and honestly one that I hadn’t expected to be as addicting as it was. But, nonetheless, I was addicted.

Fast forward a few nights later, and we’re just chugging along, building up our coal power plant, extending our factory line to start making use of oil, when I look up at the clock. It’s already 5 a.m. It’s Monday morning, and I’ve got to be into work in a few hours. Do I sleep? No… no I don’t. Instead, I just keep making my factories.

I felt like shit the rest of that day. It was pretty brutal. Anyways, yeah. That sucked, but I’d definitely do it again if it meant more hours of fun just hanging with my friend. It's been a while since a game managed to pull me in quite that deep, so it was refreshing to have it happen with something like Satisfactory.

I definitely recommend Satisfactory if anyone is looking for a good game to sink all of your free time into. Just don't blame me if your girlfriend/wife gets really angry because you aren't coming to bed anymore and your sleep schedule is ruined, and you have big bags under your eyes. Yeah, that's not my fault.

P.S. The multiplayer is fun, but really, really laggy, so I don't recommend it for your first try.

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