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Green Machine

Green Machine

St Patrick's Day was this week so let's look at some of the Green folks of games.


It was St. Patrick's Day this week and what better time of the year to think about the color Green. In terms of video games, there are quite a few green folks that  should be thought about during St. Patty's Day.

Let's start with the ones you think of right away when you think green guys. Luigi, Mario's younger, taller brother wasn't always afraid of everything. Luigi feels like the type of guy you could destroy in Mario Party and then go out for drinks with. Yoshi might feel the same way that is until he remembers you launched him off a cliff to make that tough jump. Yoshi is like a bike, you park it somewhere, hope it's there when you get back, but could care less about it.

Then you have the Hero of Time who hangs out in Hyrule. Link is the strong silent type but gets the job done. I could do that too but I need to speak to get my point across, like Mega Man 7 stinks. Also the rupees are green, the grass that needs to be hacked is green. That sounds like good enough logic for me.

I know there are more greenies in gaming but I only wanted to mention a few. Shout out to the Battletoads and Ninja Turtles.

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