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Greg's VLOG Reviews: Willy's Wonderland

Greg's VLOG Reviews: Willy's Wonderland

Does this film capture the essence of the concept behind "FIve Nights at Freddies"? Or is it another film for the Walmart bargin bin? Find out in my review!



Comes so close to being great

The backstory is great

The "It's your birthday" song is fantasic

Great monster design

The Concept works!


Nicholas Cage is just a name on the poster

The films not alll

Sets seem out of place

The characters are all pretty throw away

Stong & silent doesn't really work

Some really bad green screen

Unimaginative deaths and fight scenes

Set design is pretty bad

From The Chatty
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    February 26, 2021 5:47 PM

    Look Mom! I'm VLOGGING!

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      February 27, 2021 6:47 AM

      - silent part played by Cage.
      - some of the editing cuts ie after most character’s deaths he just changes his shirt and goes back to playing pinball or cleaning another part of the restaurant
      - we ate Thai food while we watched it and it reminded me of bringing takeout back to my hotel in some small Thai tourist city and turning on HBO while relaxing in the A/C.

      - Was expecting something like Mandy but it felt more like C-grade direct to video schlock, but not in a good way. When it wasn’t doing cool editing things like mentioned above, it felt a little sloppy ie continuity errors like Cage missing the duct-tape bandaid in a bathroom shot, and the reflection of the owner’s car explosion in his sunglasses while they were driving away from it in the final scene.

      Had some laughs at the wtf moments but I think it mostly missed the mark.

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