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Planning ahead

Planning ahead

Nintendo will have some planning to do thiis year with 2 major anniversaries.



I would like to start things off by giving a brief Stevetendo update. A little history was made last week when we had our first "chat spends points to pick the next game" moment. All around shacker Skankcore spent some "hard earned" Twitch points and selected Journey to Silius for the Stevetendo show to play. Should be a fun time as I have never played it.

This year will be the anniversaries of the Legend of Zelda as well as Pokémon. It will be interesting to see what Nintendo does for these anniversaries. It gets you thinking what games/events could occur during the year so lets ponder it together.

Starting with the Legend of Zelda, it should be neat to see a bundle of games similar to the Mario 3D collection. However, it would be nice to see games that don't get the love too often like the Oracle game boy games similar to what Nintendo did with Link's Awakening. They could liven up the graphics a bit and modify some things for a brand new experience. The one game I don't want to see is Skyward Sword as it wasn't one of the better Zelda games at the time of release. That being said, Nintendo usually comes up with a good way to fix motion controls on the Switch ports so only time will tell. Now if they can fix the poor story, major backtracking, and lackluster boss fights, then they might have something. You can't mention the Zelda anniversary without Breath of the Wild 2 or whatever the subtitle will be. It will be great to see how Nintendo follows up on one of the best entries in the Zelda franchise. If they wanted to add the Game boy games to the eShop, I'd be ok with that too.

Moving on to Pokémon, we have already gotten info for Pokémon games this year with New Pokémon Snap as well as rumors of Diamond and Pearl remakes. It would be great for all the retro Pokémon games get to the eShop, like Nintendo did for Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal on the 3DS eshop a few years ago. It would also be interesting to hear news on the next mainline Pokémon games. It will be interesting to see what else Pokémon does this year. Will they bring out non-mainline games like a new Stadium game or release the classic trading cards again? If they wanted to bring the Johto region back in some capacity, I'd be ok with that.

Nintendo will have it's hands full with two major anniversaries, Pokémon and the Legend of Zelda. It will be neat to see what games/announcements we get for both franchises. Maybe Johto remakes and a way to play a Link Between Worlds on the switch.(I'm just saying) However whatever they do, maybe Nintendo will have the time-sensitive business model out of their system by then but I doubt it.

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