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Tonight in video game music: EEVEE used Swift!

Tonight in video game music: EEVEE used Swift!

We're ending today with some chill lo-fi beats. Check out this latest contribution to OC Remix, as we travel back to Pokemon Diamond & Pearl.


Anybody who's followed me here at Shacknews for the past decade knows that I'm an aficionado for gaming music. OC Remix has been my go-to destination for banging gaming mixes for years and it's great to unwind with some of their best music. They get new mixes on a regular basis and, for tonight, I want to highlight the latest one.

This is "EEVEE used Swift!" from AlmightyArceus, which remixes the Route 209 (Day) track from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Pokemon games are always filled with dynamite soundtracks, though for an old guy like myself, I admittedly remember more of the tracks from the first three generations of games. You never forget your firsts. And yes, I tend to forget stuff from the Pokemon generations that came over the last 15 years, especially the DS era of games.

Having said that, "EEVEE used Swift!" uses a sick percussion loop that gives it a really rhythmic beat, while the background instrumental still offers a sense of serenity. This is the kind of song that you can put on in the background while you're working and it'll help wind you down. The whole Pokemon series has a number of chill tracks and this is a great lo-fi interpretation of it.

Here's what AlmightyArceus had to say himself about it on OC Remix:

This ReMix borrows a lot of its EQing from lo-fi techniques, giving it a worn and vintage feel, which leans into the classic/nostalgic feeling this theme evokes. However, by tempo and feel, it is much more rapid and active than a typical lo-fi piece, and contributing to that in no small part is the fact that I arranged this piece in 5/8 time. This is how I arrive at the word "complexhop," but call it what you like, I'm not too keen to genres and I'm not so picky, so long as you enjoy what you're hearing. :)

This piece should impart a sense of majesty and nostalgia, but also energy and joy. Like a breeze in a way. I find the worn wash effect on some of the instruments, particularly the sampled chimes around 1:13 in, adds to this idea of a breeze, guiding you along on your excited journey as a Sinnoh Pokémon trainer. The chimes sway in this 5/8 breeze, and the drums keep you moving along (and with a little bit of punch!).

I'm excited to hear more from AlmightyArceus in the years ahead. What'd you think of this one? Let me know in the comments and let me know if you're adding anything to your lo-fi playlist. If you want to hear more mixes just like this, visit OC Remix. If you're looking to stream on Twitch or YouTube, OC Remix can be freely used in your stream or video.

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