Frying Pan: Origins to be first title in PUBG's expanded universe, suck it MCU!

Frying Pan: Origins to be first title in PUBG's expanded universe, suck it MCU!

The publisher behind PUBG is leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit to fully explore the “dense” lore behind the battle royale.


The frying pan is as synonymous with PUBG as a Whopper to Burger King and now the developers behind the original Fortnite experience are finally giving us the game we’ve been waiting for; Frying Frenzy, a spin-off of PUBG that promises to explore the origins of the frying pan and what life was like as a chef in the PUBG universe.

Now, we know, you’re probably sitting there scratching your ass and sniffing your fingers, thinking to yourself, “what the hell? Who asked for this?”. The real question though is, who didn’t ask for this?

"One of the folks in the studio has been playing Cooking Mama a lot," a developer familiar with the project told us. "One day someone sees him playing and asks, 'do you think she's killed before?' and we're like 'who? Cooking Mama?' and he's like, 'yeah, what if Cooking Mama was tired of being nice and just wanted to go apesh**?' So, we started pitching game builds around that."

Cooking Mama was one of the biggest inspirations behind the project.
Cooking Mama is one of the biggest inspirations behind the project.


This isn’t the first half-baked PUBG spin-off the company has revealed, either. Recently we learned that its upcoming horror-survival/hentai tentacle porn title The Callisto Project would be set in the same universe as PUBG, and would expand on the non-existent lore of the battle royale even more than the developers claim to have before.

While it’s yet to be seen how a game about creepy alien waifus set on an distant planet in the far future will be able to even remotely tie itself into the lore of a basic bitch battle royale game with no story to begin with, Krafton is still going all-in on fleshing out the PUBG-verse, which could possibly be the worst "verse" since the DCEU.

Other rumors suggest that Krafton is exploring a game that details the rise and fall of the manufacturing company behind the Level-3 Helmet titled Big Armor, Little Head. The studio is supposedly in talks to have Tom Hanks star in the movie, which should bring some actual credit to the story. They’re also developing a big-budget biopic film depicting the lives of the two lonely souls that keep teaming up in solo-queue matches. Shantynews reached out for comment, but the PR receptionist said that the devs were too busy smoking some "fat kush" and eating Whoppers  to bother responding.

The PUBG universe looks to dethrone the MCU as pop culture's most beloved series of interconnected movies and shows.


Oh well.

In other news, Epic Games has also announced a completely original idea, Fortnite Cooking: an expansion to its already wildly original battle royale phenomenon. More details are expected later this year but early rumors suggest a virtual Gordon Ramsey appearance. 

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