Six more photos from Mt. St. Helens on October 22, 2020

Six more photos from Mt. St. Helens on October 22, 2020

Nature therapy.


I decided to look back through the photos from one of my best days. It was a beautiful sunrise at Mt. St. Helens, and I took various views as the sun came up. I found a few more images that I like.

I did a lot of 2560x1440 crops this time.

7:29 AM. I had posted a version of this that was cropped more ultrawide (cut out the foreground and sky). This one is a few minutes later, so the colors have intensified. I like the two-tone sunrise. 2560x1440


7:33 AM. Looking west, away from sunrise. Johnston Ridge Visitors Center. 2560x1440


7:36 AM. Did one with this tree in the foreground, but it was different. I like this version too, but maybe it's not as good. I don't know. 2560x1440


8:11 AM. Tight crop of the Toutle River with sunrise hitting the ashy hills. 2560x1440


8:45 AM. Just that epic landscape. 2000x3000


8:05 AM. Eh, I just liked the sun hitting the trees on the ridgeline. It's kind of weak though. 2560x1440


That's it. Are any of these good? Let me know what you think.

Be well.

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