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Canton Ohio Weather Report

Canton Ohio Weather Report

It's time for the Canton Ohio Weather Report! VICTORY MONDAY EDITION!

the man with the briefcase

Last year, I started posting daily weather reports from my hometown of Canton, Ohio. I believe these videos will eventually serve as anecdotal evidence of global climate change. To start of the new year right, I started posting these videos to the Shacknews Cortex platform. It's time for the Canton Ohio Weather Report! Please take a look.

It's currently 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1.11 Celsius) in Canton, Ohio, and it is hazy. High will be 37 °F (2.78 °C). Low will be 23 °F (-5 °C) tonight. Some may think this weather is crap, but I think it is a beautiful day here in Canton, because the Browns beat the Steelers two weeks in a row... I am starting to think I am living in a simulation.

Tune in tomorrow for another Canton Ohio Weather Report and have a great day.

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