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Does This Song Suck? Will to Power - Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley

Does This Song Suck? Will to Power - Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley

It's time for everyone's favorite series of Shacknews Cortex articles. Today we discuss Will to Power - Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley.

the man with the briefcase

Today, I continue posting random songs to this Cortex platform to ask Shackers the same question. Does this song suck? Today's song is Will to Power's "Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley."

Reasons it might suck:

  • It's an easy listening mashup
  • The Freebird part
    • I cringe every time I hear it
  • The Baby, I Love Your Way part
  • That drummer is acting right?
    • This is a drum machine
    • He is also on the keys?
    • I hope they paid him double for this
  • It isn't even a proper cover of either song mashed up
    • and it is basically bad versions of both
  • The duet scenes make me uncomfortable
  • I am pretty sure this song can give people hemorrhoids

Reasons it might not suck:

  • This lady's hair is peak 1980s style
    • She is also rocking that white outfit by the lake
  • Every shot of them singing by the lake is magical
  • This video makes me want to sing as the sun sets
  • The way she sings, "I love your way"
  • That motorcycle shot that they keep reusing in the video
  • This dude has a magnificent mullet
    • Also, dat mustache tho
  • That guy's leather jacket is smooth
  • Dude is a dual threat
    • He is working the mixing board
    • but he can also sing like a beast
  • That guy stared into my soul several times during the music video
  • 15 million views on YouTube

Now please take a look at this assortment of mullet pictures:

Perfect shot.
They said he couldn't nail this in one take, but look at this masterpiece.

I hope to have a mullet like this guy some day...

Mullet and stache.
How could you hate a guy with that mullet and mustache combo?

Well, excuse me, Mr. Steal-Your-Girl...

80s hot
She is rocking that outfit. 

The 1980s were a simpler time, fueled by cocaine.

The question I pose to you, Shacknews... Does this song suck?

Please reply in the Chatty comment thread below.

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