Werd - Christmas update

Now with better searching!


Werd has been updated with the following changes:

  • Added quick quote button when replying
  • Added Ctrl + f as hotkey to filter the active chatty
  • Added the ability to save a draft of a post on the confirmation dialog when closing an unsubmitted post with the esc key
  • Filtering the chatty will show which posts match your search criteria with yellow preview text
  • Removed tooltips from embedded hyperlink buttons in posts to hopefully make those buttons more responsive
  • Added click/tappable usernames to show user info
  • Added moderator and mercury status under user info
  • Moved author actions under tappable username instead of the ... menu on a post
  • Removed mark read on scroll WIP functionality
  • Thread actions menu can be invoked by right clicking or long tapping anywhere in the thread header
  • Clicking notifications, chatty links, etc should now open the post in a new tab with the correct post selected
  • Grid sizings will be remembered for split chatty view and article/cortex view
  • Moved post tag button nearer to the tags
  • Attempt to fix focus issues with hot keys firing when they shouldn't
  • Minor bug fixes, optimizaitons, and style tweaks
Fancy search highlighting


Everyone can get Werd for any Windows 10 device here

Put any feedback or feature requests in the chatty thread.  Enjoy!

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