skankcore64 - Episode 24 - The End of Blast Corps?

skankcore64 - Episode 24 - The End of Blast Corps?

Today at 2pm PT/5pm ET, it's episode 24 of skankcore64! The biggest Blast Corps. stream in the universe returns!


It might be vacation time for the regular Shacknews Staff, but skankcore64 continues on! The quest to finish all 296 games released in North America for the Nintendo 64 is not resting on this Sabbath!

Last week, I surprised myself by completing all of the hard levels in Blast Corps. I thought the game was over but apparently there are hidden scientists that must be found in order to disarm the nuke. Will today be the end of this Rare Ltd. classic or will we find more unexpected levels to blast? Keep this article open to watch the embedded stream or check us out on Shacknews Twitch. You could even stop by to chat!

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