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I woke up insanely early to go take pictures, but it was worth it

I woke up insanely early to go take pictures, but it was worth it

Turns out this weekend is the Geminid meteor shower, and I saw a few. It was very clear at Mt. Baker.


(Part 2:

I arrived at Picture Lake (Mt. Baker) around 4:15 AM. It's very clear and cold, about 22F. I bundle up and head out for pictures. I'm the only one there, except for the snow plows doing their thing for the ski area.

To start I take a couple light painting car pictures. I don't do it right, so it's not great. This one the background is out of focus.

4:36 AM. Second picture of the day. 3000x2000


4:44 AM. The snowplows are shining lights on the nearby hills. I think it looks cool. So many stars! 3000x2000


4:52 AM. More lights on the hills. I think that is Mt. Herman. 3000x2000


5:15 AM. That is Picture Lake and Mt. Shuksan. A few months ago I was here and got some fall colors and reflections. 3000x2000


5:54 AM. I'm trying to capture some of the meteor shower, and this is the best I got. That's 3 in a 10 second exposure. Also to the far left is some kind of nebula. 3000x2000


6:56 AM. The Moon and Venus are rising above Mt. Shuksan. Here's one version of an edit. 3000x2000


7:00 AM. Another Moon and Venus above Mt. Shuksan. I like this one better. 3000x2000


7:40 AM. Traffic is coming in for skiing/snowboarding. A couple hours later this road would be filled with parking. Here are two pictures where I use a circular polarizer, it changes the sky color. 3000x2000 (header image) 3000x2000 (below)


8:17 AM. The sun has been hitting the peaks all around for awhile, it's been fun. I do some car photos today. 3000x2000


8:43 AM. The car said it was 20F outside. After awhile the handles got frosted. I like the reflection, too. 3000x2000


8:58 AM. The sun is still rising on various hills and valleys. I call this 'Cabin in the woods'. It's just some building at the ski area. I cropped out the sky. 2000x3000


9:17 AM. I'm up in the parking lot, which is filling up fast. I manage to get a few clean photos before it gets crowded. 3000x2000


9:35 AM. I think my 2 favorite photos came at the end. This is Bagley Lakes cross country skiing. 2000x3000


10:04 AM. Chair 1 - Experts Only. 2000x3000


Dashcam from the way out, around 10:30.

That's it. 6 hours is about my limit. I think I got some good photos.

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