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Vote for the next game played on skankcore64

Vote for the next game played on skankcore64

Just about 12 hours remain until the next episode of skankcore64 and the polls are still open!


Since finishing NHL Breakaway '99 live on Shacknews Twitch this past Sunday, I've had a poll open for the next game to be played. The choices were derived from the stream chat and from a special request. Right now, Blast Corps is in the lead but there's still plenty of time for the outcome to change! Do it for Shacknews and cast your vote for the game you'd like to see played next, tonight at 9pm PT/12am ET!

I'd also like to thank everyone on the staff at Shacknews for humoring this Twitch project of mine, it's been a blast so far with 20 episodes and 3 months of streams behind me. Also a special thanks to anyone that comes by to watch and chat, you're what makes it all worth it!

From The Chatty
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    December 9, 2020 9:20 AM

    Vote for the next game played on skankcore64!

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    • reply
      December 9, 2020 12:18 PM

      As much as I'd love to see Mischief Makers win this is totally going to be a Blast Corps blowout.

      • reply
        December 9, 2020 12:19 PM

        Shake shake! I told Borzoi I would keep putting it on the poll until it wins, so definitely check back when I finish Blast Corps!

        I’ve never played either of them tbh, just seen footage on YouTube from various retro channels.

        • reply
          December 9, 2020 12:44 PM

          Well, Blast Corps is a classic so you should definitely play it!

          • reply
            December 9, 2020 1:18 PM

            Agreed, they're both classics in their own ways but Blast Corps is the one that really should've had a sequel by now.

    • reply
      December 9, 2020 12:21 PM

      Blast Corps owns!!!

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