I don't care what people think about The Last of Us

I don't care what people think about The Last of Us

Good or bad? I really don't care.


It’s weird for me to say that I’m not interested in the discourse around The Last of Us and its first season. I’m in games media, and we debate and critique things every day. We have passionate conversations about games all the time, and that naturally extends to movies and television shows.

Sunday night, after the finale of The Last of Us, I started to see reviews going live on my timeline. I can’t recall having less interest in what people thought about something. It’s not just because I thought it was good, it’s because the games and show have meant so much to me that there was nothing to be gained or lost by hearing what a stranger thought. I wanted to hear what my wife thought, and what my non-gamer friends thought, but critics and random people on social media? Nah.

I know this isn’t an approach I should (or could) take all the time when it comes to media. That’s fine, but I think that every now and then you can just experience something, feel how you feel, and don't need to dissect that.

Of course, then I went and dissected my repulsion to the dissection of The Last of Us.

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