I love OrangeX and I don't care who knows it

I love OrangeX and I don't care who knows it

My ode to Orange X


"Goddammit, Maddog why do you love this shitty map design for Team Fortress 2? Why?"

"You suck, Maddog!"

"You and your mom they both suck!"

"Hey is your mom around? I need a suck! Let's do this!"

Yep. I heard you. I heard all of you.

I'm here to make a confession.. a gaming confession for the map design best known as Orange X.

It's a terrible map design. An absolutely deplorable map design. I mean look at this:Orange X map design

Doesn't that look terrible? Yeah. I agree. But love it.

Why? Because it's the constant push and pull between two teams. One team caps a point and another team.. caps the other point. But ultimately snipers rule the map with an iron fist. It's essentially a sniper's wet dream. A terrible design indeed.

Another reason why I like it so much is because the ones I've played on tend to have low gravity. Well, lower than normal gravity.

And there's also roll the dice. Another terrible gameplay design. Absolutely deplorable, a wrenched game design and I fucking love it.

It's simple.. you type "RTD" and it gives you a chance to try different "modifcations" to you.

Sometimes you go blind for several seconds. Sometimes you have god mode. Sometimes you get homing rockets if you're playing soldier. Sometimes you get unlimited ammo for a short while. Sometimes you can throw hats at snipers and kill them with one. It's pretty great.

An absolutely terrible game design. Terrible. But I love it. It gives you a shot at getting back at these snipers who have been ruling with an iron fist.

Low gravity makes it fun to play as a demo with stickies. I shoot down stickies. And then jump on top of them like a madman. Detonate and AAWWWAAAY WE GO MOTHER EFFER IMMA GONNA GET YOU SNIPING SON OF A WHORE!

That's right I can sticky jump properly as a demoman on low gravity. It's hella fun. Very fun. Try it sometime. Or don't.

There's also crits on orange x servers. Another terrible idea right? Right. But I got crits with my rockets. And baby I'm throwing rockets with a black box rocket launcher. If you see me, you gonna get smashed and you gonna get smashed good. Good and dead!

Anyway. Most of the Orange X servers are dying. People stop playing it after a while but I'm still around.

Below is a list of servers I tend to visit. I favor the heavy populated ones. And no, I don't mean your mother. She's a bit.. TOO heavy for me.


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