Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed - 8 Advanced Tips For Ghost Players!

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed - 8 Advanced Tips For Ghost Players!

Nailed the basics of the Ghost? Well let’s promote your spooky apparition to a new rank! These are 8 advanced tips & tricks for Ghost players!


For this guide I going to assume you know the basics of playing the Ghosti. If you don’t, I suggest you check out my other guide here: Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed 13 Tips for New Ghost players! That said, let’s see how you Ghosties can improve your haunting skills even further!


8. An Exposed Rift Helps Increase That Room’s Haunt Meter

If you can’t find a good prop to hide your Rift in, don’t fret! While a Rift is active and exposed (IE not in a prop) it helps build up haunt in the specific room. Perfect if those pesky Ghostbusters reveal it, and then get immediately distracted by you! Remember if they are shooting at the Rift, they aren’t shooting at you! Slime, slam, and hover around the Ghostbusters! Make them regret exposing your rift.


7. Plan Your Escape. Use A Line Of Props To Chain Possess For A Quick Getaway!

While possessing and moving objects, there’s no cool down, move items into a row. This will allow to chain possess, moving quickly prop to prop. This disorients the Ghostbusters, as well as allows you to stay safe from your prop being destroyed and leaving you exposed. The Busters now must either keep a close eye and run like hell to stay in sight or destroy the long line of items you’ve left in your path!


6. Be Aware of Busters That Have Used Their PKE Stuns

Getting stunned can be annoying but remember that those PKE Stuns have a cool down. The basic PKE stun has a 25 second cool down before the stun can be used again. (This can vary based on the upgrades the Buster has equipped). They can’t stun or even use the PKE’s tracking ability until it fully reboots. Use that to your advantage, hide and stay still, regain your energy and if you feel like playing aggressively, ambush them! If not watch them blindly run by and laugh evilly.

5. Slime Wombo Combo!

Need to slime a Ghostbuster fast and unexpectedly? While possessing a prop, you can line up your target, scare out of the prop, Sprint through the Ghostbusters, do a 180, and scare again! Some Ghosts can down a Ghostbuster with this combo. With this simple combination of attacks, you can easily cause a Ghostbuster to go down or obscure their vision for an easy get away.

4. Remember Your Line of Sight & Cover!

Line of sight or (LOS for short) is a huge factor in most games that involve projectiles & Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is no different. Remember to duck, dive, & dip behind objects, walls, & pillars. This makes it difficult for Busters to tether you quickly & give their teammates less time to cut you off or support their team. Use the environment to your advantage.

3. A Ghostbuster’s Teammates Are Alerted When Slimed & Downed

If you’ve played as a Ghostbuster, you’ll know that when a teammate is slimed and downed their location is shown to you & your entire team. Please, remember that while playing as the Ghost! Sliming and downing a lone Ghostbuster is great, but always count on their team rushing to support their friend. So, after you’ve slimed one, make like a tree & get out of there! Unless you want company?

2. Block Pathways With Large Props

If you see large props like vending machines, ice makers, or tool chest try to take them into hallways, or near stair entrances and leave them there. The Ghostbusters must destroy them in order to chase you, thus granting you more time to get away, hide or recharge your energy.

 1. Listen For Sound Cues

Sound is great thing to hear for as the Ghost player. You can hear if a Ghostbuster is calming a civilian, if their pack is overheated & more. Upgrades to the pack like the Centrifugal Thrusters makes a clear steam vent noise. Pay attention to these unique sounds as they’ll help you know what you’re up against. If you’re still on the fence about picking up this game, check out our video review below!

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