Blast From The Past - 90s Comics Pt. 1

Blast From The Past - 90s Comics Pt. 1

A glimpse at three unusual comics from the late 1990s including X-Files, Ren & Stimpy, and a crossover between Star Trek and X-Men. 


I collect a lot of what would now be considered "retro" comics and magazines. A lot of what I collect spends a considerable amount of time tucked safely away in storage boxes, but I will on occasion open them up and page through them for a little "blast from the past" nostalgia.

I figured where better to share some of my strange collection than here on Cortex. So, with that preface out of the way, here are three late 90s comics that I absolutely love... starting with a Ren & Stimpy comic from 1992! 

Ren & Stimpy

I love the 30th anniversary (1962 - 1992) mention on the front for The Amazing Spider-Man. 

Ah yes, the Turbo Touch 360.

A fantastic ad for Mythic Quest in there as well.

"Also on Game Gear!" 

The X-Files

Yes, there was an X-Files comic because hey, why not.


They also had X-Files trading cards, because of course they did.

I also can't help but love how there's an ad for Mars Attacks in an X-Files comic.

Star Trek / X-Men

Unexpected crossover, yes. Cool crossover, also yes.

"With both blue furred feet tied behind my back!" 

Some great character art in here.

Speaking of great character art, these are some of my favorite pages in the comic art wise.


And there you have it, three "blast from the past" comics of the late 90s featuring the likes of Ren & Stimpy, X-Files, and a little Star Trek / X-Men crossover action. If you like me sharing these let me know, I have a ton of other comics and magazines that I could and would love to share. I'm also curious, what's your favorite comic or comic series from the late 90s?   

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