Does This Song Suck? Matt and Kim - Daylight

Does This Song Suck? Matt and Kim - Daylight

It's time for a new series of Cortex articles from your favorite savior of Shacknews. Tonight, we discuss Matt and Kim's song "Daylight".

the man with the briefcase

I am going to start posting random songs to this Cortex platform and ask Shackers the same question. Does this song suck? Tonight's song is Matt and Kim's "Daylight". 

Reasons it might suck:

  • The dude singing looks like he is taking a massive constipation shit when he sings
  • Kim isn't even drumming to the music in the video
  • They are from Vermont and Rhode Island, but the vocals sound British or some shit

Reasons it might not suck:

  • I guess the lyrics and chorus are somewhat uplifting
  • That piano riff is pretty damn catchy
  • Kim reminds me of Diddy Kong for some reason

The question I pose to you, Shacknews... Does this song suck?

Please reply in the Chatty comment thread below.

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