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5 Mario content creators worth following on YouTube

5 Mario content creators worth following on YouTube

Fresh off Summer Games Done Quick, here are a few Mario content creators deserving of liking and subscribing.


Summer Games Done Quick was such a blast, but if you're like me, you loved seeing many of the Mario content creators come together for the Super Mario World and Super Mario Maker 2 relay races. They're a totally different breed of animal in how good they are at Mario platforming, but did you know that they're also crazy fun content creators?

Today, I'm going to recommend the five Mario content creators you should follow. Chances are, you saw a few of them during the relay race, while a few others weren't able to make it, but are still worth a follow.


I've recommended Carl so many times. Dude's been around for so many years as one of the premier Yoshi's Island runners, but has grown into the Mario community's resident scientist. He'll run through Mario Maker 2 troll levels, bend his brain through its puzzle levels, make the occasional ROMhack, and also take some time to teach you something about science.


This channel was named for a sisterly duo, but Geek has since mainly gone solo. She's one of the primary judges of Mario Maker 2 troll levels, having played through the best and worst of what the game has to offer. Her streams are wildly fun because of how much she interacts with her chat, as if they're an actual character in themselves.

Plus, she loves classic Simpsons. That alone makes her worth a sub.


Juz is the king of the nerds, whether he's playing through a Mario Maker 2 troll level or trying out one of the many, many Super Mario World ROMhacks. He brings a lot of skillful gameplay to the table, but also keeps things lighthearted with the occasional Siri joke.


If you wondered who that incredibly skilled player in the Yoshi hat was, that's Shoujo. She's probably taken the crown as one of the best Mario players on the planet, able to use her quick reflexes to tackle some of the community's most difficult hacks. She's an up-and-coming name in the scene, with comparitively fewer YouTube subs than Carl, Juz, and Geek, but she's quickly developing into a really fun follow.


Speaking of up-and-comers, you might have seen frozenflygone doing a lot of the prize segments over the course of SGDQ. Did you know that she's a damn good Mario player in her own right? Check out some of her Mario kaizo runs and be blown away by her speedrunning skills. She uploads her efforts to YouTube a little less frequently than the other folks on this list, but she's absolutely worth watching.

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