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Mario Strikers Battle League Needs These Players!

Mario Strikers Battle League Needs These Players!

Who should the Mario Soccer DLC bring to the pitch?


The recent Mario Sports games have been good but they felt a little light in terms of content right out the box. That is one of the biggest knocks on the likes of Mario Golf, and Soccer for Switch. That being said, it brings up an argument that these games weren't complete games when they released and the only reason these features were held after release is to get more people to see them/play the game.

ANYWAY, Mario Strikers Battle League needs DLC for new playable characters so you don't have to play every match against the same 4 characters over and over.

Princess Daisy- Daisy was originally brought back into the Mario fold to be an extra character in party games as well as in Sports games. The internet was angry when it appeared that Daisy wasn't going to make the innitial roster.

Chain Chomp- Chain Chomp is one of my favorite Mario characters and one of my mascots for my Twitch/YouTube channel. That being said, Chain Chomp was added to Tennis so why not Soccer.

Pauline- Pauline has also come back to the Mario-verse, starting with Mario Odyssey. She now gets the treatment that Daisy used to get, being added to a sports roster for extra characters.

It would be interesting to see the likes of the Koopa Kids be playable like they are in Mario Kart as well as different enemies like Magikoopaand Thwomp. Old Mario Soccer games have Hammer Bros, Monty Moles and Boos as playable so why couldn't the Battle League? There are even more enemies and allies to pick from.

Thoughts of the week!

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