Thoughts on the Pokemon Scarlet/Violet info

Thoughts on the Pokemon Scarlet/Violet info

There was a new trailer revealed for the newest Pokemon games coming out later this year.


This information felt like it came out of left field but new information regarding the newest Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet, was revealed via a trailer on the Pokmeon YouTube page today.

A quick recap of the info...

There were new Pokemon shown off during the trailer, most notably the box-art Pokemon. These mons are usually the box legendary Pokemon. That being said, Koraidon is for Scarlet and Miraidon is for Violet. These dragon-like creatures look like they have a wheel on their chest and there's an rumor going around that you might be able to ride them, like a bike.

There were a few Pokemon revealed as well. It looks like the internet has fallen in love with LeChonk, a normal type pig. There were two other Pokemon shown as well, Pawmi, an electric type and Smoliv, a normal/grass type. These were being used by your friend, Nemona. It isn't clear if Nemona is going to be a good rival, bad rival, or your rival at all, but she does teach you the basics so one would think she be the rival.

An interesting take on Pokemon is that the two games will have different professors. Scarlet will have Professor Sada and Violet will have Professor Turo. It will be neat to see if these Professors have any interaction with the other game. That being said, Scarlet is in the lead for me in terms of what game I'm going to start with. The exclusive Pokes might be the way that changes. It was also revealed that the games will have 4 person multiplayer where you can adventure with three of your friends. Being able to go on quests/advntures with your friends sounds like fun, maybe going on a raid to catch certain Pokemon. However, if gym leaders come back, I hope they keep them 1V1 in terms of only you being able to battle the leader. Things might get way too easy if they let three other people help you.

I like the way the game looks and sounds. The music during the trailer was pretty good. The new monsters have that Pokemon look to them. It will be cool to see how the game is actually open world and if you can really go to different places out of order and if there even is an order. I have to agree with the interwebs that LeChonk is pretty cool. I hope they bring Mystery Trades back and actually do something to keep hacked Pokemon off there or at least not as prevalent as they are now. November will be here before you know it.

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