The games in the new Ukraine Humble Bundle you need to play immediately

The games in the new Ukraine Humble Bundle you need to play immediately

Buy this bundle, you buttlords. 

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All eyes have been on Ukraine in the last few weeks as old Vladimir Putin pulled an all-time asshole move of invading a sovereign nation. Many have begun offering support to the people of Ukraine in the form of donations and other charity. Humble Bundle, one of the premiere names in video game charity, have stepped up to the plate with help from countless publishers and developers to offer what may be the single-greatest Humble Bundle in history and all of the proceeds are going to help the folks of Ukraine.

Once you get this tight-ass bundle, make sure you install these gems ASAP.

Metro Exodus

The third major release from 4A Games, who was originally founded in Kyiv but moved to its current location in Malta following the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014. The team at 4A are veterans of the Stalker games and the Metro series oozes with Eastern European charm. Exodus its their latest effort and one of the best single palyer shooter campaigns of he last decade.  

Sunset Overdrive

Here's the game Insomniac put out before their work on Marvel's Spider-Man. If you want ot get a taste of that game engine on PC with high frame rates and upgraded visuals, this here is the ticket. Even those who only saw it on Xbox One will likely be impressed at the jump in detail this port brings.

This War of Mine

11-Bit Studios created a masterpiece with this heartbreakin tale of the toll war takes on the inoocent. One of the best games of the last decade, This War of Mine offers an emotional hit that few, if any, games can match.

Kerbal Space Program

It's not everyday you get to play a game that can turn you into a literal rocket scientist. While the detail here may not be for everyone, the limitless potential of KSP makes it one of the most exciting selections in this bundle.


Not much to say here. This is weapons-grade digital crack. If it gets its teeth into you, you are donezo for at least 500 hours. If you love Factorio, Satisfactory needs to be on your PC yesterday.

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    March 18, 2022 4:17 PM


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      March 19, 2022 7:33 AM

      I'm still super disappointed that Sunset Overdrive doesn't play at 60fps on Xbox Series X. It feels so much better at 60fps on PC. :/

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