Jokes and Joysticks

Jokes and Joysticks

We stumbled through our first Jokes 'n Joysticks


We had a rad time on Satuday getting our asses handed to us by Portugal. The Man playing Halo Infinite. 
Everything that could go wrong went wrong including one guest going down with COVID the day before we were set to go live, and his frickin' laptop bricked on him that morning too. I didn't even know machines could catch Covid. Then connectivity issues kicked in on our end, but we preservered and got the ass kicking and interview we desired.

Holy cow, John Gourley of P.TM is a straiht up killer! I never even saw him coming. Zach, the bass player, had interesting things to say about video games as part of their creative proces when they're writing and recording music. 

Thanks for your patience as we figured shit out. 
We're back in two weeks to play Call of Duty WWII with comedian Ben Roy. Don't miss it. We've got more amazing guests coming up, every other Saturday.

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