All-Time Top Ten Anime Moments

All-Time Top Ten Anime Moments

I got into anime recently and decided to make my own top ten list to share with those who don't yet know the joy of the art form. 

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When it comes to anime, the quality can vary wildly. Some of it don't even make sense evenwhen you use the subtitles. I decided to assemble a dank mixtape of all the top moments of anime so you don't need to bother wasting time with bad animes.


1 - Karens gossip about Hank after he tries to buy some WD-40

2 - Dale Gribble is a giblet head

3 - Dale don't understand spelling good

4 - That time the gang went fishing with some vials of crack

5 - A real man is always prepared

6 - Boomhauer calls 911

7 - Dale's turtle

8 - Hank don't never play no shit

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