The Matrix Resurrections HBO MAX release date & time

The Matrix Resurrections HBO MAX release date & time

Are you planning on watching The Matrix 4 at home via the HBO MAX streaming service? Wanna know what time The Matrix Resurrections will be available to watch? We got you covered.


The Matrix 4, also known as The Matrix Ressurections, will release on December 22, 2021. What people really want to know is what time they will be able to watch the movie on HBO MAX. With COVID running wild with new variants and seasonal trends, a lot of folks are going to watch the movie at home. 

What time will The Matrix Resurrections release on HBO MAX?

That's the right question to ask. While there is no exact confirmation of what time the film will release, based on when Dune released on the platform and when Doom Patrol hits HBO MAX, I expect The Matrix Resurrections will be available at 3 AM ET/12 AM PT on December 22, 2021.  

There you have it, but before I go, I should include a few internal and external hyperlinks and a few hundred more unnecessary words to maximize the SEO (search engine optimization). 

The Matrix Resurrections is the fourth movie in the franchise's history. There is actually a new video game demo from Epic Games that showcases a lot of brand new UE5 features. Check out the Shacknews article about The Matrix Rewakens UE5 Demo on PS5 and Xbox Series X to find out more about that very neato experience.

Based on the trailers, the new Matrix movie has some fans debating if it will be good or not. I tend to hold my judgement until after I see a movie, but it is fair to wonder if this is a shameless cash grab like Space Jam: A New Legacy, or another stunning work of art like Dune. 

Here's hoping for the latter. But before I sign off, let's watch Keanu Reeves dunking on NFTs.

There were 100,000 Matrix NFTs sold by Warner Bros, which is a lot of jpegs.  

I screenshotted the NFT website.... Whoa.
I screenshotted the NFT website.... Whoa.

Whether you are heading to the theater to watch The Matrix Resurrections, or staying at home and tuning in on HBO MAX, December 22, 2021 will be a day that fans of The Matrix franchise will never forget.

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