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Which 3 former WWE stars should AEW pick up from WWE's 2021 releases?

Which 3 former WWE stars should AEW pick up from WWE's 2021 releases?

Releases definitely suck but there could be a bright future for these stars.


Keith Lee

If there was ever someone that AEW should grab as soon as he's available, it's Keith Lee. Vince and the company decided to rename him Keith "Bearcat" Lee and proceeded to waste everyones time with a limp heel angle only to release the man out of nowhere. I think Keith Lee will truly be Limitless in AEW where he can take on any kind of wrestler and make any match into something special while being himself.

I've been pushing to see more Black wrestlers getting some shine with AEW who have the talent and just need th eopportunity. Well there is literally no flaws in Keith Lee's game. He can do some of the most athletic things in the ring, has a unique presence on the mic, and has plenty of experience working in multiple systems. Keith could fit right into the title picture and create some interesting matchups that were never actually had during his time in WWE like many of us thought would happen.

Ember Moon 

AEW's Women's Division has been picking up in the last few months but there's still some pain points there when it comes to women who can carry matches week to week with both experience and tv time in big moments. Ember has been around for so many years and has done some of pretty much everything possible in NXT and on the main roster. Despite having health issues, she prided herself on bouncing back and getting into the best shape of her life, only to get released nby WWE.

I believe that Tony Khan being the smart business man he is, will waste no time signing Ember Moon to the roster. She could be a legitimate title contender for either belt next year. I would love to see her come into a hot feud with whoever ends up taking the TBS belt in January. She'd be a great person to help other's learn as well while carrying some of the more green talent if needed. That 90 days will hopefully give her time to rest and work on how she wants to approach the next chapter of her wrestling career.

Windham Rotunda

LET HIM IN. I think a lot of us can agree that The Fiend was mishandled by WWE creative. Windham, formerly known as Bray Wyatt was released a few months ago for several reasons according to the dirtsheets but one thing that is said abotu everybody who works with him is that he has a very creative mind. I think that Windham has plenty to bring to the table and while it doesn't mean we need another supernatual gimmick, I do think it makes it a safer bet to dip toes into that realm with a person like Windham as your guide. Malakai Black uses some of the supernatural in his matches and refers to his cult as the House of Black so these elements aren't coming out of the blue. Windham could be the right person to help Tony figure out some of the tricky bits when it comes to future characters.

But he could also reinvent himself again like he has so many times before now. There's also the ties to the deceased AEW star Brodie Lee with others hoping that Windham can continue his legacay in some way as a leader of the Dark Order. I think this is less likely but there would be something special about him embracing a role that pays homage to Brodie.


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