Local Parents Threaten To Pull Child out of School If Fortnite Skills Do Not Improve

"He has get better, he just has to"


Pete Smith, 38, has threatened to pull his 13-year-old son out of school. “His rank dropped…” says Pete. “He used to be Platinum but fell to Gold in Ranked. I’m just at a loss for words”.

Pete’s goal was for his son to become a full-time streamer based around the popular game Fortnite. “With the twitch leaked happening, I’ve seen how much these guys make….We have to get in on this grind now, it may take years!” Pete said.

Pete has been training his son since the age 6, how to be a popular streamer, which included lessons in having bad takes on video games, being toxic, and not taken accountability for his communities’ actions.

I reached out to Pete’s son who claims he is “Sorry” for falling in ranks, and to please not pull him out of school. He wants “real world skills” to be successful in life.


The Father even started his own son’s Subreddit “The Reddit just got 3 new followers. We are almost there, just a few more years!”

His son streams everyday 3:30pm-11:00pm PDT Monday-Sunday. You can watch him on Twitch.com/D0CterDizrespect482 or support him on Patreon, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, IndieGoGo and Venmo. Pete’s parting words with us were this “Look, Twitch is a roulette wheel, but it’s going to hit “00” sometime, right?........right?”



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