I Can't Stop Thinking about the Burger From the Resident Evil 2: Remake

What happened to the burger? Did he finish it?


One thing I've always wondered years after finishing the Resident Evil 2 remake is - what ever happened to the burger from the intro? This trucker really seems to be enjoying it, I mean look at this thing. That's gotta be a pound burger, right?


Look at that bacon and cheese. That's a single patty with a nice homemade bun. This isn't your run of the mill burger! This guy had to have gotten it from maybe some kind of local diner or truck stop. He's all business, too. Do you see any fries near the burger? He's cutting straight to the chase here.

One could only hope he managed to make his way back to his truck and get a few more bites into the burger. Or maybe the burger becomes a zed. One thing is true - we never do figure out the fate of the burger.

Capcom, if you're listening, we need a DLC side story to find out the fate of the burger.

Okay, so look how it fits into his hand. He can barely hold that thing. Have you seen a more serious burger??


You can tell this was cooked maybe medium, medium rare from the sound it makes when he bites into it. A perfectly cooked burger cannot go unfinished!

Imagine if you got two bites out of this burger and died to a zed. The horror...

I just hope this guy finished the burger. But what if he didn't? This question keeps me up at night years later. This burger is the most haunting element of any Resident Evil game.


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    September 21, 2021 6:56 PM

    What happened to the burger in the Resident Evil 2 Remake?

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      September 21, 2021 9:04 PM

      Having wait staff ask how you would like burger done in the USA is one of the most confusing things for a Canadian. Like..it's a burger. It's ground beef. Cook that shit well done please. No pink ground beef goes in the mouth

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        September 21, 2021 9:40 PM

        if it was a human meat burger you’d want it rare so you can pass on the diseases

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        September 22, 2021 2:08 AM

        ... What? Why would it being ground beef immediately disqualify it from being properly cooked?

      • reply
        September 22, 2021 3:52 AM

        No way sir!

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        September 22, 2021 5:51 AM

        When I was a kid I ordered steak at a hibachi grill and asked for it “well done” and the chef said “okay beef jerky coming right up”. Hamburger would not be proud.

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        September 22, 2021 6:17 AM

        If a restaurant grinds their own meat and takes safety seriously medium can be an option

        But typically when they ask, what they really mean is "do you want it just barely well done or burned to a crisp".

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      September 21, 2021 9:52 PM

      I;m thinking about that burger

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      September 22, 2021 1:00 AM

      5 Stars, would read more burger content.

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        September 22, 2021 5:52 AM

        Capcom’s What If…?

        What if the burger became a zed?

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      September 22, 2021 1:21 AM

      Another nothingburger post !!!

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      September 22, 2021 3:17 AM

      It definitely spilled all over the inside of that cab when he slammed to a stop.

      And then got pretty toasted a while later...

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        September 22, 2021 5:55 AM

        No! I refuse to believe it. That burger was too thicc to be moved/destroyed by the truck stopping like that.

        Also, in movies when you don’t see a character die, they aren’t dead. Burger was off screen and survived.

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          September 22, 2021 6:03 AM

          burger escaped zombie apocalypse and is living safe on deserted island with its burger wife and two burger children

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            September 22, 2021 7:47 AM

            What about Uncle Sandvich from Team Formtress 2 or is he d00med

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      September 22, 2021 5:49 AM

      Good stuff

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      September 22, 2021 6:02 AM

      They put a lot of effort into that burger, more rendering and artist time went into it than some devs put into their entire game.

      • reply
        September 22, 2021 8:36 AM

        I heard a rumor that Hamburger is unlockable character. People are digging through source code as we speak

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      September 22, 2021 12:10 PM

      This burger was the inspiration for making Lady Dimitrescu 9 feet tall.

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