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Whatelse are ya gonna talk about during the summer than summer?


It's the middle of July and summer is in full swing. Recently the Shack Staff was asked what their"go-to" games of the summer have been thus far. That being said, when my older brother and I were in school, the summertime was a great time to catch up on video games.

I would sleep in most of the day, waking up around noon, jump in our pool to cool off, then my brother and I would have frozen pizza bagels for lunch and then start playing video games. Sometimes we would try to catch up on longer games, like RPG's as we finally had some time to put hours into them. Then there would be times we would play all kinds of sport games, like NHL 94 and NBA Jam among them. We learned to love the Mario Sports games when we got older and would have some fierce games of Mario Soccer and Baseball. There are still marks on the wall from when one of us, probably me, got mad playing Mario Soccer.

August is my birthday and there were some pretty good games that were available during that time. I remember receiving Sonic Adventure 2 on my birthday. Another birthday I got all four Pokemon Base-set theme decks, when the game was newish and my brother and I were learning the game. Thrown in some vanilla cake and blue colored icing and you have got yourself one heck of a birthday!

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