Get LPs or Die Tryin: Vol. 17 - Blast Tyrant

Get LPs or Die Tryin: Vol. 17 - Blast Tyrant

The wax clown is still at it, wasting valuable money on the most inconvenient way to consume music. Yeah, baby.

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I return to you folk with more tales of my foolish expenditures. Why continue to spin the hamster wheel each week if not to earn enough scratch to waste on the most inconvenient way to consume music? I'm gonna share a few of my recent cops from online record purchasing (as I live in the heart of a southern swamp that is literally 195 miles from the nearest record emporium).

With all that out of the way, I present these to you, the curious reader. Don't forget to shower me in social media upvotes and hearts.  Additionally, please respond in the comments if you know of some hot new music I should be wasting money on. Daddy is sick and needs his medicine.

The Sword ‎– Age Of Winters

2021 issue on purple wax via Kemado Records

If you like riffs and can only get hard with big riffs, this may be the perfect album for you. This Austin, Texas-based metal outfit leans heavily into the 70’s for inspiration while still offering a touch of modern heaviness. His is a reissue of their debut LP made for Record Store Day 2021 and comes with a special outer jacket with purple disc.

If These Trees Could Talk ‎– Red Forest

2021 2xLP issue on clear with black dust wax via Metal Blade

I’ve grown quite fond of post rock in recent years and If These Trees Could Talk is one of the better bands of this type I’ve come across. When I first got into them, all their records were long out of print and too expensive to buy on the secondhand market. Thankfully, the folks at Metal Blade came through for me again this year with a nice reissue campaign for the band’s catalog. Yep, I grabbed them all, but Red Forest is my favorite of the bunch.

Clutch ‎– Blast Tyrant

2021 2xLP issue on orange and blue wax via Weathermaker Records

This is one of my favorite Clutch records and it just got a new reissue on colored wax and came autographed by the band. Of course I was gonna grab this, even if only for the whip-ass art.

Muse ‎– Origin Of Symmetry: XX Anniversary RemiXX

2021 2xLP issue on yellow and orange translucent wax via Warner

Muse decided to remix and re-work this album for its birthday. I’ve listened to the remixed version digitally and really like about half of what they did to the tracks. Obviously, I’m a big Muse mark, so picking this one up was inevitable. Supposedly this orange/yellow edition is more limited. Time will tell on that.


Anyway, thanks for stopping by for my livejournal and I hope to see you next time when I share more dumb shit that I shouldn't have bought!


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