Get LPs or Die Tryin: Vol. 14 - Lullabies to Paralyze

Get LPs or Die Tryin: Vol. 14 - Lullabies to Paralyze

The wax clown is still at it, wasting valuable money on the most inconvenient way to consume music. Yeah, baby.

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I return to you folk with more tales of my foolish expenditures. Why continue to spin the hamster wheel each week if not to earn enough scratch to waste on the most inconvenient way to consume music? I'm gonna share a few of my recent cops from online record purchasing (as I live in the heart of a southern swamp that is literally 195 miles from the nearest record emporium).

With all that out of the way, I present these to you, the curious reader. Don't forget to shower me in social media upvotes and hearts.  Additionally, please respond in the comments if you know of some hot new music I should be wasting money on. Daddy is sick and needs his medicine.

Thin Lizzy ‎– Collected

2017 2xLP issue on silver wax via Music on Vinyl

I am a major league Thin Lizzy stan. I already have all the albums that the songs on this collection come from (and reissues of those albums), but once you start collecting, you can’t stop. This particular greatest hits compilation is the best one I’ve come across for Thin Lizzy on vinyl as their career spanned multiple labels, so older sets were often incomplete. This pressing was supposed to be EU only and I had a pre-order that shipped to me erroneously. The few copies that did get out became valuable, though prices settled once the normal non-recalled version of the set went on sale. 

Dr. John ‎– In The Right Place

2015 issue on rainbow starburst wax via ATCO Records

If you enjoy a good time, they don’t come much better than Dr. John. The New Orleans native pumped out hundreds of tracks over his career that spanned rock, jazz, funk, and just about everything in between. This LP is my favorite of his catalog, so I had to grab this reissue on starburst vinyl when ATCO offered it a few years back.

The Chemical Brothers ‎– Exit Planet Dust

2017 2xLP issue on black wax via Astralwerks

I assume that everyone who bumped tunes in the 90s loves the Chemical Brothers. They didn’t get on my radar until the album after this one, but I made sure to go through their catalog once I became consumed with Dig Your Own Hole. I wanted a copy of this on vinyl, but original pressings cost rap video money. I was elated when Astralwerks reissues this in 2017 for an affordable price.

Devo ‎– Freedom Of Choice

2016 issue on red, white, and blue splatter wax via Warner/Rhino

This is another LP that I had an original copy of, but was quick to pre-order the reissue when it became available. This Rhino-produced version sounds every bit as slick as my older copy and comes on a wild piece of wax. This one was released as a part of Rhino’s Start Your Ear of Right series in 2016.

Queens Of The Stone Age ‎– Lullabies To Paralyze

2005 2xLP issue on orange and purple marbled wax via Interscope Records

Big QOTSA fan here. This is the first pressing edition of Lullabies. You know you have a real one when it has the alternate album art and colored marble vinyl. It came with extra tracks not on the CD, including a cover of ZZ Top’s Precious and Grace and a reworked version of the old Infinity demo. This was later reissued without the bonus tracks using the CD artwork and then finally another edition came along that restored the bonus material, though both of those releases are on plain black vinyl. The newest reissue is worth it, though, because it's not prohibitively expensive like this first pressing and it sounds really good.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by for my livejournal and I hope to see you next time when I share more dumb shit that I shouldn't have bought!

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    May 28, 2021 5:15 PM


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      May 28, 2021 6:42 PM

      +1 for QOTSA, +2 for DEVO

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        May 28, 2021 7:37 PM

        DEVO is the only band here I am fermiliar with, you kids and your crazy-ass PacMan music

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      May 28, 2021 11:07 PM

      I have that Devo on wax, CD, and cassette. Not pretty splatter wax though.
      Oh! And MP3 now that I ripped all those CDs. Why do I not have Shout though? I think I must only have that on wax.

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