My Son the Composer part 2

Some musical works from my son, a soon to be Sophomore music major at East Carolina University.


As a follow up to this My Son the Composer

My son has put an album up on Spotify and Apple Music. I have an Android phone so not sure how to link it on Apple Music.

Through My Eyes - Owen Hans

Also from my linked post, he got the Bassoon and Bass Clarinet piece published on a music website that sells compositions online and he has sold about 20 copies so far, including one to a Bass Clarinet player at Baylor University who played the piece at her Senior recital. We were able to watch a live stream of it, so that was pretty awesome.

Also, a while back he made a post on Reddit looking for any kind of work people were willing to throw his way, and he got quite a few emails from that. He's done some scoring for some small student film pieces, an audio book student project, and even heard from a guy in NYC working on a documentary. He did some music for a trailer for that guy, and got awesome feedback, but has not heard anything back after that. I wish I could share that one because it was really good.

Finally here is a piece he did not include on the album. He's hoping to get some students at ECU to play this piece this fall if things get back to normal finally. It's in two movements so far, I think he's still working on a 3rd movement, and I think one of his best ones so far.

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