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Raymond Padilla

Twisted Metal Multiplayer Hands-on

Details on Twisted Metal characters including Juggernaut, Talon, Meat Wagon, and Axel along with impressions from playing three maps and modes in multiplayer.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm E3 2010 Preview

Quick Take: This Time Crisis game eschews precision shooting for the joy of blowing stuff up. Using PlayStation Move, this game is all about gunning down enemies and destroying as much of the environment as possible.

Mario Sports Mix E3 2010 Preview

Quick Take: Mario and pals return for more athletic endeavors, Bo Jackson style! Instead of a single sport it's arcade basketball, volleyball, hockey, and dodgeball. The gameplay shown at E3 2010 was perfect for parties, but it remains to

Supremacy MMA E3 2010 Preview

Quick Take: Eschewing realism for arcade gameplay and an over-the-top style, this fighting game reminded me of mixed martial arts with some Mortal Kombat and Blitz: The League thrown in. It's still in the early stages, but it has potentia

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