Project Rap Rabbit Revising Stretch Goals to Prioritize Switch

'Please bear with us while we piece together our new plan,' says statement from the developer


The creators of the rhythm game Project Rap Rabbit have pulled their own crowd-funding stretch goals, following feedback that it had set the goal for a Nintendo Switch version too high. In an update issued today, the team thanked the audience for all their feedback and noted that Switch support had been mentioned more than anything else.

"Over the last 24 hours we’ve been taking the time to digest all your comments, wishes and feedback, and one request stands out above all others: a significantly lower Nintendo Switch goal," the update notes. "We want to let you know that we hear you loud and clear. As a result, we are busy re-examining our Stretch Goal format to prioritise a Nintendo Switch version of Project Rap Rabbit above other features."

It goes on to say the process will have to be done "carefully and methodically," which means it may take a while before we see the revised stretch goal list. It can't take too long, though, as the campaign is set to end in 34 days, and they'll need significant time to drum up support. Stretch goals are an important part of a Kickstarter campaign, since it can increase individual funding amounts and drive more contributions.

So far the project has hit just 10% of its goal, at about $107,000 out of a goal of $1.1 million. That goal will get it to PC and PlayStation 4, and other platforms had been set at funding levels beyond that. An Xbox One port was set for $3.1 million, and a Switch version had been set at a whopping $4.95 million. 

At this point it's hard to tell if Rap Rabbit will hit its initial funding goal, much less the stretch goals that had been set three or even five times above that. For a game that looks so perfectly suited for a mobile version, the Switch should really be high on the priority list. Plus, as a burgeoning platform with a large audience hungry for new experiences, putting it on Switch is just smart business.

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