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Rainbow Six: Siege's Operation Health Knocks Poland Off the Map

The dev team is fixing issues and improving the game, effectively taking over Season 2.


The Rainbow Six: Siege development team has launched a surprise offensive against technical issues and will be deploying resources to reinforce its position by spending all of Season 2 on Operation Health. Unfortunately, that means pushing back Hong Kong and South Korea DLC. The resulting tactical maneuver has wiped Poland off the road map.

In a post on the official blog explaining the decision to push everything back, the team said it will be focusing on "three pillars" of improvements for the game: Technological Improvements, New Deployment process and Bug Fix Sprints. Here are is the war plan:

"Operation Health will follow a much more iterative pace and new deployment philosophy in three steps ensuring we gradually inject new developments. For instance, the One Step Matchmaking will be released first on the Technical Test Server (TTS), then on PC and finally, when ready, on Xbox One and PS4," the team said.

Of course, with Operation Health taking over Season 2, Hong Kong will be pushed back to Season 3 in August and South Korea will be end the year with Season 4 in November. Poland will be eliminated from having its own season, but the dev team said that while the season may be gone, the content will not be forgotten. One GROM operator will be released in Season 3 and another in Season 4.

However, each season usually gets a map associated with the country the operators are from. So Poland has been eliminated, so has the map. "We have decided to reduce the number of new maps to three this year (including the released map set in Spain) to truly prioritize our game’s health," the dev team said. It wasn't clear if the new weapons being added to Seasons 3 and 4 would include Polish GROM varieties

"We did not cancel Hong Kong as we have already made progress on its development," the team said in an FAQ. "South Korea’s plan was maintained as a result of assessing our development team’s needs and capabilities. We determined that we are better able to deliver the content from the South Korea Season by keeping it in the original time frame that was scheduled."

Updates will come as changes are made. An Operation Health panel discussion is planned during the Season 1 Pro League Finals on May 21.

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