The Surge - Where to Find Schematics

We show you how to acquire the Schematics required to complete your Exo-Rig’s gear.


From the beginning of the game, you’ll notice that your Exo-Rig is missing multiple pieces. It’s important that you obtain these missing parts, as they will be useful later on in the game. This guide will show you the easiest way to get the Schematics, and how to equip the parts once crafted.

How to Get Schematics

The way in which you get Schematics in The Surge all comes down on how you handle fights with the different types of enemies you encounter. You must learn how to target specific enemy body parts in order to be efficient at picking up new Schematics.

If there’s a specific Schematic you have your sights set on, you need to look for an enemy with that specific piece of armor. Let’s say you’re looking for the Rhino-Rig Helmet, you would need to find that have the armored heads. Once you’ve locked onto them, you can target their head by scrolling with the mouse wheel. Rain down on their head area with a barrage of vertical and horizontal strikes until the Finisher icon appears, when it does, execute the finisher and chop their head clean off.

The Schematic should appear as a pickup item. Let it be known that there isn’t a 100% drop rate, so if you aren’t able to pick up the Schematic, look for similar enemies and try again.

Now that you’ve acquired your desired Schematic, return to the Gear Station in the Ops Center, activate it and start building the armor. Once complete, equip the item by opening the inventory and clicking on the slot you want to equip the gear in. Time to get back out there and fight on!

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