Prey's Blackbox Project Mission: Where to Find Josh Dalton

Finding his body is a bit difficult within the Typhon-infested area of G.U.T.S. on Talos I.


The Blackbox Project mission in Prey requires you to find Josh Dalton, or whatever is left of him, so you can learn more about the project. Finding him is a bit difficult, as he is in the Typhon-infested G.U.T.S. area of the Talos I station. The good news is that you get a Q-Beam gun without the steps needed for the one in the Hardware Labs

So, just where is this individual that is key to the project? First, you can make your way through the G.U.T.S. to reach the Arboretum. The path is difficult even with a marker, so we'll try to be as explicit as possible. First be aware that you will be in zero-G, which is what complicates locating him. Head to G.U.T.S. Subsection 16 or Subsection 19, depending on which way you are approaching the area. Look at the walls to know what subsection you are in. For reference, the Arboretum exit is near Subsection 51.

Head toward the dog-leg in G.U.T.S. where the long hall curves with a large pipe. Subsection 16 or Subsection 19 will be near this twisting section. Climb over the large pipe to get behind it. Here floats Josh Dalton and the keycard you need to move on with the Blackbox Project mission. And just grab the Q-beam floating next to him. He won't be needing it any more.

Throughout the trek in G.U.T.S., you'll be running into plenty of Typhon, so make sure you at least have the shotgun, plenty of ammo, and perhaps the Neuromod Fabrication plans so you can upgrade your abilities and make the fights a bit easier.

Now that you know how to continue the Blackbox Project mission, check out our other guides and walkthroughs for Prey.

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