Prey - How to Unlock Typhon Abilities and Find the Psychoscope

We show you how to get the Psychoscope and unlock Typhon-abilities.


The Psychoscope is one of the more useful items in Prey, as it allows you to scan the different Typhon organisms. It can also be used to identify where Mimics are hiding, regardless of their current form. In Prey, the Neuromods that you find will only let you modify and upgrade your human abilities, but this changes once you acquire the Psychoscope and start to scan Typhon enemies. This guide will show you how to get the Psychoscope and begin upgrading your abilities.

How to find the Psychoscope

You won’t be able to find the Psychoscope until you’ve made it to Psychotronics, which can be entered through the Talos 1 Lobby. As soon as you’re inside of Psychotronics, go north through the security checkpoint. There should be a set of bathrooms on the right side of the area.

Be prepared for a skirmish, as there will be two enemies inside waiting. After you deal with them, look for the hole in the floor of one of the bathrooms. As you slide down the pipes, be cautious, there will be multiple Mimics below.

After the Mimics have been dealt with, you need to look for a nearby corpse. Beside the corpse will be a huge helmet like item, this is the Psychoscope. In addition to enabling you to scan Typhon enemies and learn new abilities, it will also let you install Psychoscope Chipsets. These Chipsets grant you a variety of bonuses all through the game.

Now that you have the Psychoscope, you’ll need to begin using the Typhon-powered Neuromod abilities in order to scan Typhon enemies such as Mimics, Telepaths, Phantoms, and other Typhon organisms. Doing so will provide you with more info on these enemies, and allow you to perform some of the same abilities the Typhon do.

We must warn you that if you go overboard and attempt to install too many Neuromods, the station’s automated targeting systems may begin to identify you as a threat. This will cause Operators and turrets to attack on site.

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